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Arctic Thugz

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Remember how I was talking about how Alex, the leader of a1m, left the team for another?

Well, that team has finally publicly stepped into the open and took over the Artic Thugz' esea invite spot.

So it's pretty cool that lanhero is going to get to play against complexity this Tuesday @ 8 CST.

Definitely a match to watch for me!

They have stated that they're "just going to pug it" so complexity should get another solid win.

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  1. jose's Avatar
    I don't think lanhero is that good. But we will see.
  2. fenom's Avatar
    well nothing that big...lanhero isn't that good already stated by josegee...so...w.e if they are gonna pug it i dont see the reason to bring him in
  3. vinu3l's Avatar
    arctic thugz are 10th in the standings. they better win their next matches if they want to make it to the LAN playoffs.