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The Events of Yesterday!

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Well I haven't written a Blog in a LONG time. So I thought I would share a story with you all, and you tell me how you would react to it.

Just to fill you in, me and my friend drove to Riverside, CA, more specific (Colton, CA) area for a concert, my buddy is subbing, playing the guitar for a local Las Vegas band. So we drive to Riverside, we are having a good time rocking out, but my bud dicides to take a nap, as he is falling asleep we are listen to LAMB OF GOD. I am rocking out hitting almost 100 miles an hour or staying around 90. All the sudden before we even hit the check stop in Cali, TRAFFIC! We sat in BUMPER to BUMPER traffic for about a hour and a half, on interstate 15. But FINALLY we make it to the bar, were we are supose to play. Took us a total of 5 1/2 hours for a 3 1/2 hour trip. We get there and we go in the bar, see our friends from the other band (Cromwell) was one of them. The other we didnt know. We go in have a beer watch the other guys play pool and hang with the drummer from cromwell and his girlfriend. Finally our other band members make it there, they left before us because we had to fill my gas tank, besides the point they drove slow lol. We hang out at the bar for about a half hour and we went to Carls JR because we didnt eat anything. So we ate, get a phone call from our friend from cromwell, "The bar dosnt have a Mic or a PA system" we are like you are joking. So finally a kid that we knew from another band in CA comes down and he said "OOO I got a mic we can all use" we hook up the mic to the BASS head to test if it works. Well it didnt, after about a hour in Riverside, we said "BLANK it" we are going home. So another 4 hour trip back home.
All in ALL we had a 5 1/2 hour trip there to CA for Carls JR and a beer, then a 4 hour trip back home, pretty much for nothing.
How fun is that? lol

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  1. Spikey00's Avatar
    Sounds like a trip of accomplishment. rofl. At least you didn't get raped by the traffic on the way back. =\