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Hey guys! just came back from the WCG Canadian eastern qualifiers in Aurora ontario..first lan under the coL name..i've never really wrote a blog in my life so here goes haha...hopefully you guys don't get too bored ^_^

my name is wilson ryan chen.. ryan is actually my middle name now, its a long story behind my names so i'm not going to write all that out x) it's pretty boring anyway. umm i live in markham ontario and im starting my first year in college at george brown this comming sept for hospitality & tourisim.

anyway, we won the qualies..had a pretty good weekend lol. we arrived friday night at around 7. i hate BYOC's though cause they're always delayed..and the time between matches are so long :\. but anyway, today we got up..realizing that it was 10:30 already...( we agreed to be there @ 10 ). pedro (yayooo) had the alarm set right beside him which was set at 8:30 i think? but he woke up and turned it off LOL..i slept on the other side of the alarm but i didn't even hear it for some reason O_O...anyway he woke up at around 10:25 10:30ish randomly, realizing that we're late and woke us all up...the hotel was only 2 minute walk away from the lan center anyway so pedro drove us there, and played the upper bracket finals right away and grand finals after a short break.

i guess the first map was kinda close since we were all still half asleep..but it ended up good

oh yeah..sad story ]: first night (friday) when we were at the hotel, i was going to the bathroom to take my contacts off...i had the water running the entire time (i don't know why..) and i managed to take my left contact lens out. i was washing it with my contacts solution and it slipped out of my palm. i managed to pick it back up and wash it one more time, but this time, as i was about to put it in my case it slipped again! i stopped it with my hand, catching it inbetween my index finger, and my thumb! but since the water was running, it went over my finger, and down the drain before i had the chance to pick it up.

there goes my new contacts ]: it was worn for 2 days..and they're monthly contacts, i still have the right eye ]:

i think thats all for now..i remember i wanted to write something that happend at the lan..but i forgot what it was! it was something funny ]: oh well, i'll write about it in my next blog if i remember :P

thanks and gg to all the teams that were there! and.. RIP left contactlens :'(

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  1. Bossi's Avatar
    Welcome to coL and congratulations on the tourney win!
  2. tonynot's Avatar
    Welcome to coL grats on the LAN win.
  3. Rainman's Avatar
    lmao... I always turn my alarm when it goes off.. which is why I am sometimes late for work or school
  4. Jalm's Avatar
    great job at WCG Qualies, and losing contacts def is a bummer. ive lost the same side twice in one week before O_o
  5. Spikey00's Avatar

    >: D
  6. JaX's Avatar
    Well done, lets crarry it to the WCG Canada.