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Off to basic...

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Welp, My recruiter just called saying that 95% sure i'm shipping out to basic on the 8th of sept. I just swore in to the AF 2 weeks ago, so this is all going pretty fast. Apparently somebody who was going in then broke there leg, and now they cant go. So since I got the next highest scores on the tests I get to go in.. Kinda excited, and nervous.. Just hope everything goes smoothly, O and Josegee is going in then too, so that's cool. Well, gotta go get my 'packing list' from my recruiter. Later.


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  1. Irukandji's Avatar
    Good luck, thanks for serving!
  2. 1's Avatar
    Good luck bro!!
  3. JaX's Avatar
    Good luck man
  4. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Best of luck my man
  5. Rainman's Avatar
    good luck
  6. jose's Avatar
    If we're in the same flight, I'm going to get a bed next to you no homo.
  7. deLay's Avatar
    thanks everybody! and jose, I call top bunk!
  8. clone1hp's Avatar
    i remember a couple a weeks ago i posted a forum on me going in the airforce to be a pilot and now you guys are going to basic. Have fun and thanks for serving our country maybe one day i will c you guys there i still have a goal of becoming a Fighter pilot but we will c.

    btw what you guys training to do?