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Delayed -> New ship date.

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So in my last blog I said that I was 95% sure leaving for basic on sept. 8th. Obviously that 5% kicked me in the balls, as I am now able to post this blog. The DAY before I was supposed to leave my recruiter texted me and said that I would not be leaving on the 8th because someone was about to turn 28 and needed to be in basic before his birthday. So yesterday I had a meeting with my recruiter and signed my contract and my new ship date is MARCH 30TH! -_- The only good thing about it being SOOO far away is that I now have time to visit my family in Canada before BMT. Just thought I should update you since my last update ended up to be false.. Also Josegee Is still in basic and I know that it is VERY hard so please pray for him so that he can keep strong.


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  1. JaX's Avatar
    Your now shipping out on my bday, I will def be thinking about you man. And of course GL to Jose!
  2. haticK's Avatar
    ur recruiter texted you? lool