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She broke my e-heart =[

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Just to start off the girl I will be writing about will be left anonymous.

The night the video of the team was released I noticed a girl gamer chatting in #compLexity so I figured I go check out her profile on a website that will remain anonymous as well, it turns out she is BEAUTIFUL. I instantly start crushing, cuz im lame. So we talked some on IRC then it moved to steam friends chat (Srz biznuz) Long story short I moved WAY to fast WAY to soon and she deleted me from steam friends... =[ so, Like I said, she broke my e-heart :/

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  1. haticK's Avatar
    so depressing
  2. da bears's Avatar
    fapping too much now adays
  3. 1's Avatar
    Plenty of fish in the sea. I know it's cliche, but it's true
  4. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Steam friends come on! Just message her on IRC and the site now, hahah.
  5. AlbeL's Avatar
    IM not trying to be mean but come on! Theres enough talk about why you shouldnt be down when a girl cheats etc blah blah but you're letting this get to you wayyyyyy too easily. Big deal she deleted you from steam friends. just learn and move on man and please no more steammatchmaking.com
  6. JetBlk's Avatar
    delay you better protect your e-heart better cause im pretty sure its the only one you have son HAHAH !
  7. JaX's Avatar
    Tell the chick you will release the nudes she sent you over steam friends...
  8. davidboivin's Avatar
    hahhaha nice1 delay didnt think you'd post that on the blogs Sorry about that
  9. gohper's Avatar


    dazux =[ <3
  10. Sky's Avatar
    wow... take that nerdy nerdy and go out and find a girl.. lol at the touch of my phone i have a girl coming over and u front about a girl online lol. I am not trying to make you feel bad but man.. this shit has to go girl gamers are here just the same as guy gamers are to play the game. Ive talked to a lot of girls that play this game and hate when guys just think of them of girls that are easy and just think there looking for a e-relationship. Even if you find a e-relationship online she could be kissing her real bf at the time she is talking to you. JUST WEW walk that shit off and find urself a real girl.
  11. AlbeL's Avatar
    prosies dont count man
  12. coL-s|soX's Avatar
    I agree with Jax, release them to me only tho.
  13. IndependenT's Avatar
    I know who it is!