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#8, Busy, busy.

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Sept. 30 2009

It has rather been a long time of which since I have written a blog. A busy month and a few weeks it has been, moving to a new house, which of course was wearing on the physical--not a particularly pleasurable experience as we all come to realize (unless you make a living out of moving). Assuring, my designation of school remains the same—not to complicate the situation even further. From there, we have some excellent ISP issues regarding my connection, a wonderful slew of days wasted in haste of mistakes made by our friends at TELUS. At this current moment, to be honest, I am writing without internet--it is a tradition of which I kempt to keep plenty-o-time for the duration to feed the masses of which so desire for my personal life to be heard. It turns out to be that they mixed it up TWICE of which who’s internet belongs to whom; paints a caricature of the life of a TELUS customer.

I have actually still have had time to gleefully replay Mass Effect, an FPS/RPG game most agreeably from Bioware; however, I have in the past, have gone through the game, though hastily, I now have returned to complete (hopefully) all side quests along with the main story line to provide myself a differing experience in upcoming Mass Effect 2. The game still flaunts its beauty in storyline, and the RPG side of the shooter allows players to immerse themselves within the story itself, as the character is what you wish it to become: a “Paragon” or a “Renegade”, as you may clearly figure out what is what. The game allows you to complete its’ quests and such in your own fashion, whether it be through diplomacy or through hostile action—this also includes dialog, where a player may choose what they wish to say in response to others. I wished to be a Renegade, however, I also desired for a Paragon—I assume there are a variety of benefits in being both. Unfortunately, time and effort does not insert the task at the top of the priority list to create an evildoer, as I have spent far enough time in playing through the game twice. Of course, I disseminated the game pretty well and had my times of laughter, whereas the AI allies you receive within the game as a “task force” are hilariously lacking in the intelligence, as they do not fair so well in evading, effective movement and assisting, generally anything autonomously... One may see that Garrus loves to stand around in that tight suit, firing his lovely rifle in a steadfast stance, whilst a rocket, barrelling straight towards his lovely Turian façade from a couple miles away, and as a crater is to debris… Well, at least only until I revive that lovely guy/alien [that I cannot date in the game ):< ] along with another ally that you can watch being utterly destroy whilst you are laughing your head off around the corner as the body of the funny alien slips to the floor. Mass Effect receives a 9/10 for me.

My mouse, you ask? Well, let us just say that it was during a previous date that I incurred a rare state of mentality, a rare disease called “mouse-smashing-on-desk” for incompetence syndrome, as my mouse is nearly 3 years old or even more, and the plastic fatigue at that point reached a critical mass. It would be a fair assessment that I now possess an even worse mouse, of which explains my lack of Source these days. Money is a scarcity these days.

Lastly, it seems that I have acquired a new skill in English during my 20-1 class… a rarity, I suppose. Apotheosis and some other sentence type of which utilizes commas to extend the interest of the reader, somewhat like this, although I have never really cared for remembering anything relevant to English terminology and the “how-it-works” saga—it naturally arrives to me of which what I put on paper [or computer for this matter]. Ask me what a vowel was when I was albeit in junior high and I will respond with an uncertainty, though up to this date, query what is a verb, a proverb, and all of that, and I will have not a knowledge upon. Oh, and yes, it does seem that my writing has rapidly adapted this new sentence type; however, it appears that I may be overusing it, and my use of the semi-colon is waning…

Until the next time!

For coLCom (Complexity Community): Since I have been busy, I have not a word upon what has occurred during the duration [and my absence from activity here will probably continue]. I will hopefully discover that coL.cs (and other game rosters, of course) have raped everyone.

Oh, and anyone good with Zymic (free website hoster)...? I have a lot of issues being new and all to website authoring, and with the complications, well, let us just say I am quickly becoming a casualty of the war.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Welcome back Spikey! I wondered where you went!
  2. Spikey00's Avatar
    You are always the first one to respond, Jason. (;

    Let's just say a lot of is occurring at this moment. Hope everything has been well with you!
  3. DeFy18's Avatar
    get a logitech mouse(mx518 ftw) since they have a 2 year warranty on them. very nice if it breaks or you break it :)
  4. Spikey00's Avatar
    "...if you break it" = !?

    lol, well mine was, I assume, at least 3 years old. =/
    I am now completely wrecked for any FPS gaming.
  5. Rainman's Avatar
    I don't really know if you're overusing the sentence type, but you use a shit load of punctuation all the time haha. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just not desirable to read all the time when on an online gaming site

    I just realized how expensive mice still are... $40-50 for a mx518? Gonna be needing to buy one in a few months, damn. haha.
    Updated 10-11-2009 at 09:00 AM by Rainman
  6. Redav's Avatar
    i came to see what you had written. at first i was like "omg he wrote an essay" then i read it and thought "nope, a university essay" lol
  7. Redav's Avatar
    also, Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Spikey00's Avatar
    I believe I have somewhat leaped over the overuse of the sentence type; oddly enough. However, I still aim to utilize it whenever appropriate. (:


    Hah, my writing skill wavers in the face of education.
  9. chefnnnn's Avatar
    If you're looking on critique on your writing I would say you are grossly overusing that specific sentance type. There are also a plethora of grammatical errors in your sentances overall, possibly due to you not being completely comfortable in the style you are attempting to write in. One of the results of this seems to be an overuse of commas where you might not need anything or where you have the option of dividing the sentence in two.

    </ninja return to comment once on possible errors in a language which isn't my mother tongue>
  10. Spikey00's Avatar
    Within the blog, it clearly is indicated that I was practicing the use of Apotheosis and whatever another sub-sentence type may be [named]. Of course, not previously knowing of such a technique, it does sound awkward at times for me.

    "Abraham Lincoln underwent an apotheosis of sorts, from
    controversial politician to saintly father of democracy,
    shortly after he was assassinated."

    I would usually go with (or splice it with a semi-colon or dash),

    "Abraham Lincoln underwent an apotheosis of sorts, from controversial politician to saintly father of democracy shortly after his assassination."

    Though, I appreciate your critiquing--it does help me analyze my English from an external source. (: