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I don't even know why I'm writing a blog about this,but it might be slightly amusing to some people. Anyways I worked at the annual pumpkin festival we have each year. My friend and her family run a concession stand business so they do it every year. This is my second year doing it. It's a great way to earn a little extra cash for two weekends. It's alot of work believe me. For the most part I had to shake lemonade. Her family makes the lemonade fresh along with offering a million different flavors. Like limeades and cherries,strawberry,etc. I'm just gonna start out by saying that people are seriously stupid. At least 90% of the customers I dealt with. All weekend it was pure madness making lemonade shaking the hell out of them so people didnt bitch. Making arnold palmers and tons of other super tedious flavors. I had people walk away super pissed that they had to wait. Knowing how long the line was and that their were only three of us shaking lemonades. ignoring the creepy comments like "shake it!" Losing our minds over those who felt it was necessary to change their decision as I'm making their drink. Whilst creating a new stereotype of people who wanted Mango Lemonade. My arms are sore I have blisters and splinters from putting sticks into candy apples.but I'm super happy to be put to work again. Andrews happy that I'm doing something productive. I even got a chance to represent complexity whilst wearing Andrews hoodie. I'm gonna go ahead and end it here. I need to recuperate for next weekend.

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  1. haticK's Avatar
    mmm after cutting the grass lemonade sounds sooo good.
  2. analyze's Avatar
    Strawberry lemonade from Red Robin is amazing.
  3. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    People are douchebags, it is good you are getting use to it now.
  4. Spikey00's Avatar
    Well, at least lemonade and apples smell better than grease/etc.! (:
  5. SarahT's Avatar
    Indeed they do.