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Well, after my first blog I enjoyed writing it, so I figured I'd write another and maybe continue to write them and use it as an outlet for things going on in my life. Like a public journal I suppose.

So tomorrow starts Finals for the rest of the week, Good news is I get out at 12:30 bad news is, I have to take finals But its just 3 days and then I get out of a couple classes I hate with a passion. Tomorrow I have to take english which is just an in class essay over the movie The taming of the shrew.. Which pretty much describes my interaction with my sister minus the whole marriage thing.. Then I have PE and History PE = easy (shit just remembered I have to write a 1 page comparison of which is healthier monster or rockstar) then history is another in class essay over a prompt that will be chosen at random.. GOD I can't wait till this school year is over and I graduate..

Until next time

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  1. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Good luck man, I got finals too. But the good thing for me is I get out at 12:25 on a regular day and 9:30 for finals !!