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Ho Ho Ho!?

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Might as well share a few things that's happening this holiday season!

To start off with, we start this whole "Christmas break" by getting 24 inches of snow in Philadelphia... a city I never once saw more than 5 inches accumulated throughout my whole college career here. It was also the 2nd largest snowfall that Philadelphia has ever seen! This storm also conveniently hit the day after I finished finals, aka my going home is now delayed. Just take a look below.

So secondly, usually these breaks I end up working at a local hospital as a Pharmacy Intern, usually where I work at my summer job. Push comes to shove, a few things happened there and I won't be working there this winter, aka this is the first break I've had free. Well needed break from anything and everything related science and pharmacy related. So Ill end up mostly working on a few "new" ESEA projects *wink*.

As always, family always comes up for a great week, which is nice since they live in Virginia and we rarely get to see them, plus my niece just turned 1. Usually ends up being a movie filled week.

Finally, there's gotta be some gaming in my break of course. I just ended up buying l4d2, so 8 mans are always a possibility with some of the pandemic crew. As well as some source here and there, I just joined up with some great guys in KCR (mmmapplesauce's gang) for CS:S. Also gotta hit up the MW2 for 360 as always with a bunch of my college friends.

The highlight of the break comes with my trip down to Orlando for the MLG tournament where I'll be working with Astro Gaming again. If you're around there, be sure to give me a holler. It was a change seeing JLake, Jbass, & gotfrag crew in Anaheim, felt different seeing people from the PC side at a console tournament.

That about sums it up.... oh I forgot, drew you still owe me money if you read this!

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Updated 12-22-2009 at 02:51 AM by Wizard



  1. Popcorn1's Avatar
    ORLANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should stay an extra day with me and Coley.
  2. COLEY's Avatar
    Yeah bro, you should do it, we'll be there an extra day..might hit up Universal Studios and shit, plus I want to talk to your ass about something. o.0
  3. Wizard's Avatar
    i completely forgot to see if i could get that arranged after we booked our flight. I end up leaving monday around 6pm, with a day of load out too. So I doubt that will be enough time for me to do anything down there
    Updated 12-21-2009 at 11:04 PM by Wizard
  4. 1's Avatar
    That storm was nuts. It was 80 here that day. Nice to have warm weather but doesn't feel much like Christmas when it's that hot!
  5. toddsauce's Avatar
    NB Canada needs more snow! I'm jealous..
  6. Spikey00's Avatar
    Looks like your holiday will be full of activity! Hope you have a good time with your family, and stay warm!