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ChristmasGreetings from coL.TF2 (pure)

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This is an (unofficial) greeting card to the compLexity community from the compLexity TF2 team.

I, Pure, am dealing with the 80 degree sunshine of South Florida, bummer, I know.

We, the TF2 team, have a long history of popping wigs and will continue to do so until the day we cannot (never).

We are on hiatus until after January 1st, some of us enjoying steaks and thighs (women) in Dallas, some battling the cold in Brooklyn, and an another catching waves in California.

We would like to thank the coL for the warm welcome and you can count on us for dramatic victories and pulse pumping championships.

Happy Holidays to all and we hope you get what you want for Christmas and Hanukah (sp?)



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  1. Spikey00's Avatar
    Have the best time over there in Florida! (;
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Cant Wait See TF2 do Work in 2010
  3. Bossi's Avatar
    Happy Holidays and a successful new year!