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Adios 2009

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It has been a crazy year, I honestly don't know where to start. I traveled a lot this year which was the best thing about the year.

Coming into this year I never left the East Coast, since I have been to Italy and all over the United States.

It was great getting the chance to join up with the team that I have followed for so long. I have to give a huge thanks to Nick aka Jetblk for giving me the chance to come on board. I worked with jetblk for a few months and attended one event with him before he went inactive. He has become a really good friend of mine and we are currently working on a new website together. It is not eSports related.

It has not even been a year yet since I joined compLexity and I have been to five different events with the team.
  • MLG Columbus '09
  • MLG Dallas '09
  • WCG Quiver Shootout
  • WCG USA National Final
  • MLG Anaheim Nov '09

It was great to finally be able to meet and work alongside Jason Lake, Jason Bass, and Alex Conroy. I am excited for 2010 and to meet up with all these guys again at another event.

Besides all the traveling my life has been pretty crazy this year. From relationships going bad to the stress at work and paying the bills it all just sucks. I am really hoping that 2010 is a better year for everything. I know it is going to be starting off just right; seeing as how I will be in ORLANDOOOOOOO in 7 days for the MLG Finals. I know it is going to be a great time. Me and Coley have big ideas planned for this trip so I can not wait to get down there. I am also getting to meet Amies for the first time.

I really could go on and on about 2009, but I just do not feel like it. So to a year that sucked at times and to a year that definitely set the path for the future..... ADIOS!

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  1. JetBlk's Avatar
    Was a pleasure to meet you too man. Can't wait til you get your ass up to RIT for a party :P
  2. Quartz's Avatar
    Be real mate.
  3. Irukandji's Avatar
    You're the man, Scott! Hope you get the chance to come to a lot more coL.cs events in 2010!!!
  4. 1's Avatar
    Busy year! Get ready for 2010!