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coL hat

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So today i was just hanging out, watching MLG allstar game and my dad knocks on my door and says "hey you got a package" and so immediately i knew it was the long awaited complexity hat. So after taking it out of the carefully packaged box i look at it. Immediately i think, this is the best damn hat ever, I don't' even like hats lol.

After that i left it on my dresser, and my little brother, who doesn't like gaming, says to me "that's a fresh hat forrest, where'd you get it" so i explained to him and he "wow dude, that's the best hat i've seen in a long time."

So it looks cool, and it fits well...and the best part of it is - it makes you game better. No joke. Seriously immediately after i put the hat on and started gaming i notice a increase in my KDR for CoD:MW2 - a game which, if you ask sirscoots or anyone whose played with me, i totally suck at. I suddenly start going +10 and one game even went +20.

TL;DR - this hat is not only good looking, it's frag happy.

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  1. deLay's Avatar
    Nice, Im thinking about gettin one.
  2. toddsauce's Avatar
    man it makes you game better i need one.
  3. DeFy18's Avatar
    nothing like a hat that says "ima nerd" :(
  4. var1ables's Avatar
    The funny thing is that noone knew it was gaming related. haha
  5. deadlie's Avatar
    for me everyone thought it was a quzinos hat
  6. 1's Avatar
    Haha glad you like the hat. I wear mine almost every day.
  7. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Glad you liked the hat! It really is a solid design and fits well with today's clothing.
  8. deLay's Avatar
    DeFy Anyone who knows what the hat means is a nerd too.. So really it doesn't matter lol.