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Wii Fit Trial

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Hey guys, been awhile since I posted a blog because I've had nothing gaming related until now.

I just purchased the Wii Fit after playing it at my girlfriends. It looked interesting, and I am not someone you'd call obese or fat. I am 5'11" 150 LBS and I play soccer.

Over the years my balance has gotten to be crap and my posture as well. Sitting in a CPU chair all day will tend to do this to you. I got the Wii fit last night and played it last night and this morning. I did some pre set routines to work on everything I possibly could.

It is AWESOME. It shows you how off your balance really is, and mine... not so good. If you guys follow soccer you know that balance is a key skill to have. I believe this will improve my game for soccer.

In the two times i've used this machine I have already slightly improved my balance. I recommend this to anyone who has a wii. Let me know if you guys have it/like it.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    haha, after chasing my kids around all day I doubt I'd have energy for that.. sounds fun though
  2. divito's Avatar
    Bought the Wii Fit Plus for my girlfriend at Christmas. I play it from time to time, but not enough to get any benefit from it.

    If you actually stay committed to it, it can definitely help you improve your balance and to better control your body by engaging muscles you don't really use.
  3. analyze's Avatar
    It doesn't take too much energy if you choose the right things... There is yoga (as gay as us guys think yoga is) it is relaxing and stretches well. I like it.
  4. JaX's Avatar
    Do you think Wii fit could actually help someone get in shape? I am skeptical
  5. analyze's Avatar
    Yeah I do. I have been using it mostly for the Yoga because I am not flexible and my posture is very poor; but there is a whole other segment on the wii fit that is Aerobics and strength. As long as you're committed 1-2 hours per day 5x per week you should get the results.

    The results you will receive is the worth ethic you put into it is how I see it. You can only cheat yourself.