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First Blog, My 2 on S8 & Resil Change

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Since this is my first blog I want to start by saying thanks to CompLexity for picking us up. I'm looking forward to representing coL at many more events.

As every arena-minded WoW player knows, arenas have been down this past week and apparently they're delaying the new season for another week. It really sucks to have 2 weeks of no arena with Germany coming up pretty soon. I am pretty pumped for season 8 when it finally comes though. I have some fun plans for teams on both my pallies and my new lock so I'm excited about it. It should be a better season overall. The nerfs to prot warriors will hopefully drop their representation a bit. Maybe BG9 can have a real end of the season battle for rank 1 this time.

Season 8 could be a bit different with the change to resilience (basically giving everyone 20% passive damage reduction instead of 10%). A lot of people are expecting this change to make cleave type teams easier for caster based teams like RMP to deal with, but I don't think it will work out that way. The last time they made resilience reduce all damage by 10%, it nerfed RMP and buffed cleave. I don't see why it will be different this time.

The way I see it is, cleave teams just push on the other team all game with non-stop pressure. Caster based teams make relatively small windows of high damage. So, if the resil change makes it so that the cleaver's warrior lives through the caster team's big burst kidney more often, then they're obviously going to win more often. Cleave teams don't operate the same way. They don't need those little windows of big burst. They can just pick targets to throw damage into and win. It's not nearly as big of a deal for the cleave that their damage is reduced by 10%.

With all that said, I don't think the resilience change will feel very big. Most people will probably say they don't even feel it (like the first time they made this change) but I'm expecting representation numbers to shift a little.

Alright I think that's a successful first blog, l8r radicols.

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  1. divito's Avatar
    While I understood very little of your blog, it's great to have you!
  2. Duck's Avatar
    Nice blog, good luck in S8!
  3. 1's Avatar
  4. hxcguitarist's Avatar
    Nice blog! I'm just a barely-casual WoW player (lol highest toon = lvl 36), so that stuff went right over my head xD

    Best of luck in the upcoming season!
  5. COLEY's Avatar
    I think the resilience will end up buffing cleave some more. If you think about it - just like you did Toes, bigger burts of damage in small amounts (RMP) vs smaller amounts of damage more often - more often tends to win it.

    Keep busy! See you next MLG.

  6. Vincto's Avatar
    So how has it been working out for you then?