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Gotta love college.

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Already so I'm a freshman at college and it's been a blast so far. I decided to have a few friends up this weekend and overall it went pretty good. At least for them..

HUGE EDITED DETAIL: I decided to break my iPhone. For those who are familiar with iPhones, they have a black button on top. As I woke up for class, my phone slid off the side of my bed and hit the floor. The black button was completely pushed into the phone which resulted in it turning off and on, off and on..etc. So after my class, I had to go pick up a new iPhone. It sucked because I had to spend $200 when I didn't really want too, but now I have the 3G compared to the original $400 2G I bought way back then.

We are all 18, except for me and my twin who are 19 and they had never been to the casino before (Soaring Eagle Indian Casino). I started them off there after I let them pregame a little (I DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE). I was the only one who lost all of the money I brought, ($60, could be worse) while all my friends decided to win $100+. We all leave, and I need money plus the fact that we are starving. We order $21 worth of food on the dollar menu which worked out to be awesome since I couldn't pay for a dime. Not really.

Luckily I find a Fifth Third ATM and *try* to withdraw money. Now normally I like to keep a lot of cash on me for events like this but I was wrong this time. Since I spent everything, I needed to make a withdrawal. Little did I know, my PIN changed and four tries later, the machine simply states, "You have exceeded your amount of tries, taking your card for security reasons." <-- Something along those lines. While my 4 drunk friends are loving every minute of this, I'm just stunned. We go back to my dorm and I just decide to drink the night away and show them around town.

Luckily, we went snowboarding the next morning! Hungover as they come, I still looked like a badass. With my friends aviators and my cat hat (cat on red hat with a ball on top). I looked like a player. To only remember that throughout the hour and thirty minute drive to the mountain, I forgot my credit card.

F*ck my life right? Good thing my friends had some extra cash.

So a fun weekend it was suppose to be, I was royally screwed financially wise and the bank isn't open until Monday in which I have class alllllll day.

Now the story may not be too bad, but if you're like me, money is a security to me. And I HATE using my credit card.

So the moral is, never gamble alllll your money away. And always remember your PIN. Because the machine can and will take away your debit card.

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Updated 01-25-2009 at 02:25 PM by LEELEE (Forgot a MAIN detail to why this weekend sucked.)



  1. JoHA's Avatar
    I assume you go to Central?
  2. LEELEE's Avatar
    Central Michigan.
  3. -Ez's Avatar
    We play you in our season opener next season here in Tucson
  4. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    LoL I have been on college for about 3 years now. With no major or not really going anywhere.. because i only take the classes to stay on my moms medical. Reason is i need medical because i have a very bad back. But just information could have played bball for UNLV our college here in Las Vegas, Just thought ide mention that since i saw casino up there. 60 u lost your lucky man my friend lost 60,000 no joke in 1 night. We did how ever get a free room for spending that much. In the top sweet. Point is that kid is rich and didnt even hurt his bank account lucky prick!
  5. jose's Avatar
  6. LEELEE's Avatar
    Yes I do sir.
  7. jose's Avatar
    What's his fucking name?!?! Why didn't I know of this?! i thought we were best e-buddies
  8. LEELEE's Avatar
    His name is Ryan. It's nothing I brag about. We are brotato, I just don't go, "Hey, I'm brad. I have a twin."
  9. jose's Avatar
    Well, I feel like we're grew distant :| are yall identical cuz if I ever go to michigan i dont wanna be like yo brad! and he'll be like uh no.
  10. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I am in class right now and kinda not wanting to be here.
  11. LEELEE's Avatar
    Depends on who you talk to. A lot of people say we do look alike, some say we don't.

    And peakz, I don't take my laptop to class because I won't pay attention if I do.
  12. jose's Avatar
    Oh, well Brad me and you are still best e-buddies Does he drive a Durango and bump to Taylor Swift????!?!?!?!