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I need a new mouse.

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Alright ComplexityClan.com....I'm in need a of a new mouse. I'm currently using a 3.0SS but the mouse wheel is getting a little out of hand. It does the famous "jump whenever it wants to"....

I need suggestions...only mouse I don't want is the xai. Already tried it, hated it. Give me some ideas pleaaaseee ^_^

p.s happy easter and go cavs!

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  1. bENITA's Avatar
    well id stick to the ms 3.0. anyways! happy easter :>
  2. struck's Avatar
    deathadder maybe?

    I personally like the xai
  3. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    i always loved the mx510/518 series. i do prefer the mx510 over it though. those darn buttons that switch dpi can get in the way sometimes on the 518!
  4. Hayo's Avatar
    Logitech g500 is always good.
  5. Mathiew's Avatar
  6. craftzKY's Avatar
    stick with the 3.0 or get a deathadder
  7. hxcguitarist's Avatar
    Have you tried the Ikari? 518 is always good though
  8. deadlie's Avatar
  9. sostrE's Avatar
    IKARI !!!! (optical)
  10. .NodmaC's Avatar
    Deathadder best mouse
  11. derek14boorn's Avatar
    old version mx518 plowplowplow
  12. River's Avatar
    deathadder dude, I hear they're bringing out a v2 (if they havent already)
  13. Mopar's Avatar
    stick with whatever made u the best player in NA please. happy easter and go Clippers (Baron Davis my fav. player so w/e) have fun Col. this team is nasty
  14. var1ables's Avatar
    Don't you want whatever tha Qpad mouse is called
  15. DeFy18's Avatar
    mx518=only pros
  16. rebound's Avatar
    Get a Deathadder or a Kinzu. Laser mice ftl.
  17. jampack714's Avatar
  18. hellfire0987's Avatar
  19. fenom's Avatar
    i have a 6 year old dell default mouse...
  20. tonynot's Avatar
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