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Esea , Arbalet etc

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Hey guys just a quick check here with you about ESEA and the upcoming Arbalet cup in sweden.

So far everything is going great we been putting time into practice and we are gettin better everyday about esea as everyone know we are 3-1 right now we lost our first match against i7 on de_dust2 it was a strange match for us we were not able to finish the rounds as ct and we lost like five 1vs1 1vs2 situation so it should have been maybe +4 or +5 rounds as ct for us during this match , props to i7 who played really well during this 1st week against us and they diserve that win.
The two other matches against UMX and PLP were an easy ride for us we strated really strong during both match and closed the match really quick too , nothing really special to say about it we were prepare for those and we played good against them.
Fourth and last match we played was against our biggest rivals EG , unlucky for the fans this match was on cpl_strike and we were both not really prepare on that map.
We started off with a really good start on T side winning pistol and the first gun round then we were up 5-0 and EG started holding the sites with awps and we just got literaly stopped here giving away the T side 5-10 in favor of EG.
We all know strikes is a CT sided map so after gettin those 5 we were still confident for this match and we fighted our way back in this game to win 14-16. Good job to my teammates cause i think i played one of the wrost matches of my life , for my defense i would say it was like maybe the fourth time in my life i played strike for a match so i was not really confortable running around on this American map.
That bring us to a 4-0 lead against EG since we strated team so even if its online wins and we all know the difference we are still happy to beat our number one rival.

Talking about us and EG we will both be attending the Arbalet cup sweden in two weeks , my team and i are really excited about that tournament we really wanna do good there and show to everyone that American cs can still compete against the best teams in the world. we leaving the 12th of may and we will be bootcamping one week at the inferno online right after the event and we might attend the IOL tournament the week after arbalet too.
So that makes us coming back the 24th its gonna be a lot of cs and a lot of fun.
Hope we will make you guys proud of us and i hope to bring the trophy we will all keep you guys update during our trip anyway so stay tunned on www.complexitygaming.com

until then ,

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Really excited for you guys to get some Euro LAN experience. We'll be looking for lots of pictures and video blogs!
  2. daN_NY's Avatar
    good read... good luck david and co
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    Good Luck Kick butt!
  4. JaX's Avatar
    Very happy with the results so far. I just see you guys getting better and better especially after a proper Euro bootcamp.
  5. fenom's Avatar
    is jason lake going to be attending this?
  6. Mopar's Avatar
    rofl Xp3
  7. toddsauce's Avatar
    amazing eg match. KEEP IT UP FELLAS!
  8. sKz's Avatar
    Kiss, I'll see you on the love boat next Friday
  9. thoMz's Avatar
    Xp3 best player!
  10. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Viva la France! VIVA LA COMPLEXITY!
  11. derek14boorn's Avatar
    should embed a google translator into xp3's blogs imo