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this past week has gone by really slow... the fact that i'll be in sweden for 2 weeks with my team has got me super excited. each practice has been a minimum of five hours a day so.. we've been practicing pretty hard lately and im ready to frag~ ! anyways, thanks for all the support. stay tuned for updates~~~~~~~~

also: vote for complexity @ www.estarsseoul.org

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  1. evolution's Avatar
    I enjoy this jester face. ....??

    ..ok im done.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    gl man
  3. DeFy18's Avatar
    realisticly no go on estars but w/e. gl in sweden.
  4. Mopar's Avatar
    yay great to hear!!
  5. craftzKY's Avatar
    super excited.
  6. JaX's Avatar
    Get on the horse and get er done.
  7. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Herotown, Sweden
    Population: ELIMINATED
  8. jw4ll4ce's Avatar
    gl gl gl
  9. tonynot's Avatar
    good luck
  10. toddsauce's Avatar
    LOL amies. good luck guys have fun!
  11. Eafra's Avatar
    keep up the good work jeff! our cs team is a bunch of studs.