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coL.TF2 Mid Season Report

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Yo, what is up, this is PYYYOUR from coL.TF2

So we have not lost a match in what seems like a year

We are undefeated in ESEA-i, we are undefeated in CEVO-P

We just signed up for an ONLINE European Cup which has all the top talent. We are looking to finish in the top3 and lay a hurting on the european scene.

Enigma is back home for the summer and his connection is very calm now and he seems to be carrying us, which is nice.

We are looking to go to Europe in August for either Assembly LAN or i40, both of which have prizes in excess of 5k

Not sure what is going on with coL management in terms of sending us there but we are ready and set to play the best of europe.

Dont know what else to say besides that fact we are trying to help the fans via the forums, we put up our configs for yawl, and we have not lost a match in forever.

If you need any tips or anything to do with Team Fortress you can message us in #complexity on gamesurge

Big UPS to coL.cs for holding it down in Europe right now


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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    if u guys get to go to euro kick some butt !
  2. toddsauce's Avatar
    This is an amazing team. I'm going to be so angry if they don't get to go to Europe.
    Looking to see a win in cevo P and esea I playoffs GOGO
  3. SemperFi's Avatar
    bring the reign and rape them euros!
  4. yangy's Avatar
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