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Introducing myself to the coL community

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First off, allow me to say, I do not know why I am posting this, nor how often I will update this blog, or even if I will. I guess I can say I posted this out of sheer boredom, as usually I just choose to lurk in the shadows, as that is what I am comfortable with. I am not sure if anyone will read this, hopefully if they do it is not too bland, as I am merely writing this for my own entertainment at the moment. Now allowing myself to introduce myself..

My name is Thomas, I am 23, and from Florida. I started CS relatively late, back in 2003 when 1.5 updated to 1.6. Although I started late, it was not my introduction to Counter-Strike, as I went to school with people who played competitively, namely a friend named opium who was on a team SteelBreeze, and krupt who at the time was a relative unknown in the cs community. I watched opium play and was instantly hooked, even though I had never touched the game on my own. I moved to the University of Central Florida, and after building my first personal computer, I started playing at every chance I got. My life had become school, party, and cs.

The first team that I had joined was a cal-im team, fast-company, who had ties to the SteelBreeze team. I later joined my first local team, 4o7.dc, which was a cal-m mainstay. I attended my first LAN tournament, and did fairly well, started gaining a reputation through Florida. We also managed to put up rounds on alienGamers, whos most famous member at the time was fRoD, from u5. This was the first time that I thought, hey, maybe I can compete with these guys one day..

After being on the wrong end of the stick in CAL and missing out on CAL-M playoffs and an invite to the first season of CAL-p despite a 10-6 record, and victories over 4 teams that were invited to CAL-p, I chose to leave 4o7.dc and join up with another local team, netXtreme, which was going through a merger with one of the teams that were invited to CAL-p, No Such Agency. Also around this time was the first season of CEVO, which we were invited to its Professional division. This was the change of online counter-strike, as some teams were still skeptical over an online league not named CAL, however a new team gave it a shot. This happened to be team compLexity. Playing vs coL was my first high profile cs match, and an experience that I wouldn't forget, even though we got absolutely trashed.

Fast forward to Summer 2005. We, as nsa, attended the CPL Qualifiers, and lost to check-six (zEx) in the finals. However, a controversy involving a player and their age ended up giving us the CPL berth. This CPL was weak in comparison to others, as 3D and coL both chose to attend ESWC over CPL (this is also the ESWC that coL won). This event was memorable to me, as the top seed in the tournament, mibr, lost to two relatively unknown cal-p teams, iDemise and nsa. After cpl, I had a falling out with nsa, and went on my own. I quit online play completely, and attended LANs with pugs, usually fairing well, qualifying for Digital Life as well as CPL Winter 2005. It was here that I got to meet cbz, and spent alot of time hanging out with him, i0nZ, and fRoD. A few months later, Charlie asked me to be the 6th man on zEx, as I still had no team, and they consistantly had roster issues. I learned as much as I could, and tried to fill in to the best of my abilities whenever I was needed. Turns out I had to fill in at WCG USA 06, where we managed to beat coL and Pandemic and placed 3rd behind 3D and u5. This was the most fun I had had playing CS, as I got to hang out with my teammates, who also happened to be idols to me in cs. cbz, aZn, i0nZ, and Da_Bears.

Me starting out as a fan in CS might of proved to be my ultimate downfall. As playing vs some of the guys often had me starstruck in some sense. It never left me 100% confident that I could kill them, or outsmart them. I wasn't even 100% confident that my team had that confidence in me as well, as I was always scared that I might screw up and cost us a round that might ultimately cost us the match. In the end, I feel like I never quite lived up to my potential, I had the dedication and motivation, but couldn't get over that hump.

In the early stages of 2007 I chose to enlist in the United States Navy. After a year and a half of school I ended up at my first duty station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I still pay attention to cs at every chance I get, check up on the many friends I have made over the years. I got nostalgiac when 1.6 came back after the demise of CGS. I must say, as a fan, this new coL lineup has me psyched. Not only because Erik is on it, but Method and Sunman as well. I have only played against zid a few times, and know that he is a great player and will be a great asset to the team as well. Like the rest of the coL community I can not wait to see the rust fall off, and see the team start tapping into some of its unlimited potential.

To anyone that might still be reading this, I hope it was semi-interesting. To sum it up, I am your normal, every day guy, who got lucky and had a chance to live the cs dream, and play with and against some of the best, and lucky enough to come away with a few wins and some memories about that. I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, as I forsee myself spending a little bit of time on these forums, both because of my interest in the coL lineup, as well as the limited things there is to do in my scarce free time on this island. See you all around.

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  1. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    Sorry bro to long of a blog or ide read it.. i red some but its 6am and to tired to read so ill read later ) THOUGHT IDE LET U KKNOWW!
  2. 1's Avatar
    Good blog, and welcome!
  3. jose's Avatar
    I'm thinking about joining the air force. Do you like the navy?
  4. vnM's Avatar
    I enjoy the Navy, at times. What everyone says about the military in general is pretty true. 50% of the time it is the easiest job in the world, but the other 50% it is one of the toughest. There are alot of benefits for joining the military, such as housing, food, medical, dental, etc. I met a few people in the Airforce, both here in Guantanamo, and at Fort Lewis in Washington, noone had many major complaints to say about it. =)
  5. jampack714's Avatar
    great blog man i really enjoyed it
  6. tonynot's Avatar
    Good blog.. Think it's the first one I actually read all the way. Didn't skip or skim threw it.
  7. da bears's Avatar
    Thomas is a great man and some day I hope he returns to cs to live up to his potential! Nice read bro