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Disappointed, embarrassed, hungry?

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Really disappointed after the results we had this weekend at both events. Starting with ESEA i'll sum it up real short we basically lost so many anti ecos beyond belief which has never happened to us at a event until now, it all came crashing down match after match it took it's toll on us every map and literally costed us a trip to the finals for ESEA. Every time it happened and the ways it happened made us sit and just look at each other like what the hell is going on right now!? Anyway we have no one but to blame but ourselves on the performance we had at ESEA. Losing those types of rounds every match should never happen and pretty much changed any momentum we had. I don't think any team really out played us really just being honest besides EG on nuke.

As far as Arbalet goes thats a whole different story starting with Group2 tieing BURNING when we should of closed them out being up 15-12. Losing a Eco round on top of losing a ton of money for David and Jeff when their computers crashed(you all heard the story) but if not basically Jeff crashed their computers when he slammed his fist down on the table not hard at all which resulted in two of our computers to be turned off. I know these types of computers had problems before at events but it basically made us force save twice which really hurt us in the end resulting in a tie 15-15. We tried to look past it and focus on TAU which we destroyed them and was already hearing word that BURNING beat NaVi which meant NaVi had to beat us to advance and we had to beat NaVi to advance.

The match was on stage and we started off really slow taking a gamble on our pistol round which ended up slapping us right in the face at the start of the match. We almost won a crucial Eco round when it came down to a 1v1 after i killed four players and almost aced which would of changed a lot but i came up short. The half was something like 11-4 which is terrible on tside dust2 but we started off amazing on our ct and ended up bringing the score to 11-10 before NaVi took over and we simply couldn't recover. I feel like we lost one match in our group and were eliminated, but it goes to show how big every match can be in group play and how every SINGLE round is so big that you gotta stay focused. Overall I'm disappointed were still fairly new but we had chances so far to beat top teams like mouz 16-14 then the PinG tie in Stockholm. Followed by a 16-14 lost to NaVi at ESWC. and now BURNING another tie. Each match we had game point and we just couldn't find a way to close them out.

The only thing left to do is increase our work ethic and stay focused, fix our mistakes, come up with new ideas anything that will help us become a better team. We talked amongst ourselves about moving in with each other to help us. Hopefully we can figure out a way for this to happen. Until then we gotta stay on the grind. Thanks for all the support and sorry to everyone about our performance this weekend, I'm just as embarrassed as everyone else.


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  1. thoMz's Avatar
    btw i love my teammates =)
  2. saturOs's Avatar
    it was disappointing but keep in there. you guys are capable of topping them all with times work!
  3. tonynot's Avatar
    You guys need to work on closing games. If you fix those mistakes I can't wait to see what this team does!
  4. fenom's Avatar
    its all about cevo online....
  5. Xp3's Avatar
    love you thomzo love everyone we will work harder to be #1 dont worry my friend
  6. Mopar's Avatar
  7. Rainman's Avatar
    every team has events that just don't connect right.. unfortunate that it had to happen when everyone was expecting big things but oh well. Now that you got it out of the way.. go big next time!
  8. delinquent4's Avatar
    You guys are still amazing, seriously. You're one of the most exciting teams to watch because you are still new and are able to bring new things to the table. Better luck next time!
  9. deMonGoD's Avatar
    You're still a truly amazing player Thomas, keep your head up mah boy, you're slowly becoming the best player in NA IMO!!!!!!
  10. deMonGoD's Avatar