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Back from Dallas

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Well let me start off by saying I will never fly Delta or American airlines ever again. Andrew and I get to the Tampa airport around 4:30 in the afternoon. We wait around for our flight to Atlanta, it gets delayed so we wait, ten minutes later canceled due to weather in atlanta. But then ten minutes later two flights take off to atlanta. So now theres us and a bunch of angry passengers waiting in line to be told they need to book another flight. We were pretty much screwed for the night, we wanted to get a hotel for the night but none were less than a hundred bucks, so we headed back home to sleep for a couple hours. Got up super early and headed back to the airport. We get on the plane around 8 in the morning we wait, then wait some more and then more. The pilot says "uhhhh it seems like we've fixed the problem so were uhhh gonna take off" We get close to taking off then the pilot comes back on and says "uhhh were gonna have to turn around." So we spent a total of three hours waiting on the plane then another hour waiting to get back on the plane. What a pain in the ass. Anyways we finally get to Dallas and we check into the hotel and just chill for the rest of the days since we cant really get to the event. The next day I got to meet the cs players and we took off to the second day of ESEA. It was great getting to see the players compete and watching other teams. I loved helping Andrew out and just having a good time at the event. The last day I got to meet the TF2 players very nice guys.Thanks Relic for chauffeuring us around. After hanging out with them for a bit we headed to the airport and once again the problems start. "Your flight has been delayed so your not gonna be able to make your connecting flight." WTF? Anyways in the end we did wind up making our connecting flight so it's all good. I had a great time I got to meet some awesome people. I came home with a t-shirt and some interesting flight story's to tell back at home. Im hoping to come to another event in the future.

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  1. LawLer's Avatar
    WOW, that sucks! Sorry to hear that! At least you had some joy out of the trip! Thanks for the blog
  2. 1's Avatar
    Sorry you guys had such nightmarish travels! Super glad you were there. Thanks for helping out so much.
  3. SarahT's Avatar
    No problem I loved helping out any way I could.
  4. Rainman's Avatar
    Ah what a bummer. A friend of mine had some troubles with american airlines like 3 weeks ago :/
  5. delinquent4's Avatar
    Haha I'm glad my flights have never been that way. Sorry they were such a bummer. Hopefully you pick a better company next time lol. GL