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Getting Ready: Part 2

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So, getting the site ready. Where do I begin?

I'll skip the rambling and just state the facts. In a time of uncertainty and hardship, we found out who was truly loyal to the coL name. IMG came through for us and offered to develop the site. Not only did they design it, but they owned the process. By the end of week 1 of the development process, we had a nearly complete design. I've never worked with a nicer and more driven group of guys than David, Griffin and Will.

For those that remember, v4 was something that we awaited for quite a bit. We got so close, but it never came. Then, before the dream could become a reality, the CGS came about and v4 went to the back burner. Finally, we have the chance to bring you v4...

(Part 3 Coming Soon)

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  1. Spikey00's Avatar
    Well then, my thanks go to Jason, the Complexity Staff, and to InnateMediaGroup.

    I used to believe that they were just the usual banners on the website, like you see in every other forum.