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Welcome back Irukandji!!

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Our new line-up has been announced, well I shouldn't say new more like re-adding Irukandji back to the roster. So far we have played in two ESL cups winning both vs ue and loaded in the other. Were currently playing in EG's 1.6 tournament for a trip to China and laptops on top of two grand total for winning the tournament. Hopefully we can pick up the pase now and continue.

The summer time of events are over and the results weren't really what I was expecting. The only highlight was getting 5-8th or something like that at ESWC which still to me isn't enough to justify our other results. Hands down our team was raw-skilled based and we didn't really have a leader to help put our minds together at certain points but we tried our best to fix it. Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on Xp3 but even he wanted to consider going back to fragging which was his role on teams in France and already I can tell the difference in style and fitting into his new role is perfect. It also helps because both Xp3 and Irukandji can call tactics and still manage their own game play. To make it short since I always blog before/after events we needed to re-add Andrew back to the roster to help bring back a certain work ethic we use to have. It's unfortunate what had to happen to Scott because I don't only consider him just a teammate, I consider him a friend who I really enjoyed playing with and hanging out chillen at events(esp Stockholm,Paris). Letting him go after those 3-4 months of playing was very rough and he will be missed. He is a awesome person and if he chooses to continue to play this game he will be a GREAT player for whatever team he decides. I don't really see him playing for any other team in the US right now as I believe none of them are worthy of even having him apart of their team but that's just my personal opinion and no hate to other teams.

Anyway........... I was thinking about starting to play SC2 or maybe WoW again in my free time, dont get me wrong i love playing cs but certain times I wanna enjoy another game. If you play SC2 right now currently lemme know what you think about it thus far. I don't pay attention to other games so if anyone knows any other sick games to try and play lemme know!! Also would you guys enjoy any video type blogs? If so of what? Like me playing Deathmatch? I pug a lot and i can record more demos and upload them to the website. Maybe some helpful tips or tricks that you can ask me to explain because you don't understand it. I was also thinking about doing a question and answer type of thing where you ask me something and I'll leave a response for you. Hopefully i don't get any insane wacko questions lol but I'll do my best to answer them. I know we have "pub nights" but maybe public 10mans or pugs would be better because players can talk to us while were playing and that to me would be much more fun instead of pubbing with coL players lol xD. Anything else just lemme know on here, I'm very interested in communicating with players/fans more!

Alright guys I'll keep you posted with anything that comes up for us in the future and lemme know your thoughts on the above~

Thomas "thomz" Garcia

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  1. deMonGoD's Avatar
    keep up the great work thomas like i told you, i think you are a very strong player for coL. i would appreciate the video blog of tips/tricks or DM if it isn't to much for you.
  2. thoMz's Avatar
    Will do! Thanks buddy.
  3. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Get sc2. Me and Jax are probably gonna be top 5 in NA in a week .
  4. DeFy18's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Popcorn1;bt3670]Get sc2. Me and Jax are probably gonna be top 5 in NA in a week ;).[/QUOTE]
    Too bad you can't play on lan so jax could threaten to jax smash them if they tried to win lol.
  5. thoMz's Avatar
    Yeah i was having a convo with Jax and right away he said it was time for SC2 ownage!
  6. Wizard's Avatar
  7. claymore's Avatar
    sc2 is great although I'm so afraid of getting korean'd I usually just play custom games :S
  8. JetBlk's Avatar
    sc2 is bomb!
  9. JaX's Avatar
    Nice blog Thomzo. I like the pug idea. I am sure all the fans would love some sort of tips and tricks vids, learn from the master. I would highly reccomend SC2. The game is awesome.
  10. Xp3's Avatar
    fk sc2...
  11. deMonGoD's Avatar
    SC2 looks so awesome
  12. Mopar's Avatar
    make it fun thomz. "stay cool" -Cyx
  13. thoMz's Avatar
    I make everything fun lol. Well looks like I'm purchasing SC2 wo0t.
  14. derek14boorn's Avatar
    well said thoMzo, pretty sure my pug team > yours..we'll see.
  15. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    thomz, gotta say i think you step up big in the most important matches for your team man, keep it up!

    tips n trickz part would be great, espcially coming from a top player like yourself. maybe some flash tricks, smokes, angles, ect ect would be really awesome for the community!

    i would recommend civ 5 coming later in september, should be an awesome one

    oh and i asked a question in one of the other threads that you replied to, hope you wouldnt mind answer that question i posted!

  16. deMonGoD's Avatar
    i got my SC2 today thomz if you wanna play! or you can teach me how to be a insane cs player *winks*
  17. thoMz's Avatar
    I'mheretohelp - I'll be sure to make some good quality stuff, nothing standard that hopefully most people dont know or at least wanna learn. I answered your question on the thread
  18. deMonGoD's Avatar
    thanks for playing some cs with me thomas and showing me some things i had no idea about counter-strike. goodluck havefun at wcg/esl and GRATZ on winning the EG tournament and getting to goto China.
  19. thoMz's Avatar
    It was alot of fun of course xD and thank you for all the support.
  20. tafmi^_^'s Avatar
    i really want to kill you