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Being Hugo Boss...

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... or how i would call it: The curse to have a famous name

Hello friends,

some of you know already that my real name is Hugo Boss, if you did not know it, now you do.
I'm pretty sure that most of you immediately started to smile or laugh and i would maybe too, if someone else would tell me his/her name that sound very familiar to me.

But from my point of view it is not at all funny anymore and already stopped to be funny years ago. The typical conversation with people i don't know start off with unbelief, when i introduce myself. After i have confirmed 4 or 5 times that it's really no joke, they finally start to accept it. This happens about 7 out of 10 times, day by day, and you can imagine, that it is REALLY annoying for me.

Earlier, as my name and phone number was listed in the telephone book, i got about 25 or more phone calls a week that were related to the Hugo Boss Company or some idiots that only wanted to call me, just to laugh at me or asking me if i'm THAT Hugo Boss. Of cource i am not, idiot! The fashion tsar Hugo Boss that gave the worldwide known company the name was actually named "Ferdinand Hugo Boss" and died back in 1948. So how the f*** could he answer your phone call?!
I also had mislead international phone calls and the most funny one was most likely some chinese or japanese (not sure how to separate them at the phone when you don't talk this language) guy that interrupted my sleep in the middle of a night. I picked up the receiver and said "Hugo Boss" and the other side immediately started to jabber like a waterfall in chinese/japanese and after about 30 seconds, when this guy finally stopped to take a breath, i asked in english "Confucius... is that you?". No idea what the other guy thought or if i have insulted him or whatever, but all of the sudden he started to yell at me, like you know it from TV, when old asians in these eastern movies have a heated discussion and ended the phone call abruptly. This was pretty funny at that time.

Eventually i got a secret phone number and could enjoy silence for a while, until some idiot made a mistake as they published an updated phone directory and my name and number was listed again - good job, gump! After i changed to a secret number yet again is everything fine for the last couple of years.

But it's not just the phone calls and the unbelief that are annoying. In the past i also had plenty of problems with rejected postal deliveries and mail-order on account as well, because they obviously thought the name was fake and it was some kind of fraud.

At some point i was really sick of this and so a few years ago i started to use nicknames in real life. I mainly use two names from close friends, with their approvement of course, to receive mail-orders, any other kind of deliveries or introduce myself with their name. Only official things, for example mail from tax office and so on, is sent to me directly, everything else goes to my friends where i pick up the stuff. This works pretty well so far and my life is much easier and more relaxed than it was a few years ago.

And so i'm one of the few rare cases, where i use my real name online, because nobody believe it is real name anyway, while i have to use nicknames in real life, to have a more or less normal life. Strange, eh?!!

As a conclusion i can tell you, that it is not even close as funny to have such a famous name as it maybe sound it would be. But after all i found a way to get along with it by using nicknames.

Thanks for reading. Have fun!

- Bossi

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  1. ciaiei's Avatar
    aww... poor you :P that's got to be painful not to be able to get packages to your own place =/
  2. Jake's Avatar
    funny I would agree though, it would suck to have a famous name like that and always getting calls, etc.... you must feel like a celebrity would with all the people following them around
  3. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I do have a question bossi will you post a phone number u guys have for just an example.. like in the USA its ... 555-555-5555 what is the way in Duetchland? just use the 5's i really don't want your number MR HUGO lol, Because i know some numbers in paris but im wondering if its the same way in germany thanks brotha.
  4. 1's Avatar
    Good stuff Bossi
  5. dsl's Avatar
    Gotta admit when i first saw you on the forums i thought it was some kind of alias! hehe great blog!
  6. RiF's Avatar
    Hey at least you can pronounce ur own name