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Spiders in Cali!

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Ok, I'm not a queezy person. Also, I tend to like spiders. However, this summer in California (at least where I live) has been a serious overdose. Every morning the backyard is littered with spider webs and some of the 8 legged freaks are pretty damn big.

I was letting it go but on Sunday we found a black widow in the kids' toy kitchen:

Attachment 261

Then, as if that wasn't enough, the VERY NEXT DAY my wife left the back door open for one minute so the dog would come inside. Check out the little fella was walked right in!!

Attachment 262

Attachment 263

Like I said, I'm not a queezy person but having a huge black tarantula walking around INSIDE the house was a bit much. My wife nearly passed out and I had to catch it before it disappeared... fun, fun.

Time to call the exterminators to nuke the back yard!

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  1. enigma's Avatar
    better than ants swarming over every fucking crumb of food inside your house during the summer

    the ants where I live don't go after sugar either so it's impossible to destroy them with sugar + borax
  2. Quartz's Avatar
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