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C3: A European View

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Since the demise of the Championship Gaming Series the American Counter-Strike scene has started to shows signs of improvement. First of all, former CGS players returned to CS and now Complexity have announced the Creative Complxity Challenge, an opportunity of a lifetime!

In my eyes, the C3 is without a doubt the biggest announcement since the closure of that almighty money eating machine. My only concern is those behind the comeptition may well neglect the winning team and treat them as a "b-team" and never quite as an equal to the current squad. However, I have faith that Jason Lake, Jason Bass and those from Creative will not do this.

So, down to benefits! Internationally, the impact of this tournament could be huge. For the first time years we have several North American teams looking to compete around the world with the best teams from Europe, Asia and America. For the first time in years we have a more united international community, something which America hasn't been a huge part of during the CGS years.

I commend the time and effort which Lake and Bass must have put into this concept and assume that they understood just how important the tournament would be for America. It is more than just a search for a new team, it's the rebirth of an American 1.6 scene!

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