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Germany to Hollywood - Eafra - 9.9.10

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Hallo radicols. It’s your boy Eafra checking in with the community as I sit on this 9 hour flight back to New York. I had an awesome time and I am about to tell you about it, so go make some popcorn and listen to this rockstar talk about my time in Germany, yeah?

So if you didn’t know, I was in Berlin, Germany for 8 days repping Creative at IFA 2010. IFA is a massive consumer electronics show in Germany and all the heavy hitters in the industry are there promoting their new products. It was really cool to be looking at some of the products each company had to offer, but Creative’s booth was amazing. I was graced with the opportunity to try the new Tactic3D headsets and let me tell you, they do exactly what Creative says they do. If you are looking for a new headset then you would be stupid to not wait for these babies to come out. I am just looking out for you guys so don’t say I didn’t tell you about it!
Anyway, the first couple of days Creative made a show out of Me and Chrissy B from the UK. They had us playing random challengers from the audience while talking about our gaming history to the audience. A lot of people were truly stunned about the concept of making money from being the best at a video game and it truly is encouraging when people ask questions and show you support. The guy who’s job it was to get the audience going was Frank Schilde. This guy was absolutely brilliant and really good at what he did. He would draw crowd after crowd and people were LOVING it. Well everyone was loving it except the other booths. Officials had to tell us to stop our shows because we were too loud. A big booooooooo to those people. That’s right I said it. So Frank along with John (Fatal1ty) became the people I would hang out with. So a lot of fun came out of that and I would rather talk about that now then the show since it was pretty much the same thing every day.

I only went out 2 out of the 8 days in Berlin, and I still had the greatest time of my life. This past Sunday, after the show John and Frank were kind enough to invite me to dinner with them. I gladly accepted since I was in Berlin and actually wanted to enjoy the sights. Now here is where it all gets interesting…We decided to check out the rest of the booths and we ran into John and Frank’s other friends, Rony and Lisa. They too became part of the nightlife crew as I like to call it. Rony was telling us how Katy Perry just walked past him. Now if you know me, you know I am really into my top 40 music. So when he said that I went nuts. They had to tell me to calm down but I mean come on, have you guys seen Katy Perry? Enough said. So Rony went on saying that they had tickets to the T-Mobile party that night and wanted to know if he should get tickets for us too. So he got us tickets and we went to this little shindig. Except it wasn’t so little. It was at a place called Spindler & Klatt I believe and man was it fun. Free drinks for everyone but the best thing about it was the food in all honesty, which was also free. So after our crew drank the night away, we got down to serious business – the dance floor. I literally danced until I couldn’t stand anymore. It was amazing, and just when I thought it could NOT get any better, Rony and Lisa gave me and John tickets to the Katy Perry concert she was having that night in Berlin! So we went to that. It was fun of course. And after that we went back and partied some more before we all decided we had partied too hard on the night and called it quits. This all happened on a Sunday night which is really cool. Moving on to the next rockstar night, which actually just happened last night…

It is important to understand that when you go out with John Fatal1ty Wendel, you don’t pay for anything. The guy literally grabs and pays for every tab before you can pull out your wallet. So I just would like to say right now thanks for everything John. I drank so much alcohol and I didn’t pay not 1 euro for any of it. You truly are a cool, professional, respectable, and ambitious guy and if it wasn’t for you and Frank my time in Berlin would have been shyza (I don’t know how to spell this word) to say the least.

So I guess Frank had invited John to dinner at his mother’s house in Berlin, and since he was such a great host, he invited me as well. Thus, Me, John, Rony, and Lisa joined Frank at dinner at his “Mutti’s” (mother) house which was very very awesome! She made German potato soup as well as coffee and homemade apple cake! It was literally the best food I had my entire stay there. Her English wasn’t as good as Frank’s so at times she just crossed over into German and we all just kept laughing. She was so cute and warm to all of us and once again I just want to throw a huge thanks to you Frank for giving me a quick tour of Berlin and for inviting me to your mother’s house for dinner, and then driving us to the “Postdamer Platz” for a night out in Berlin.

John decided that he wanted to go to this place called Oscar & Co for a little outdoor pregaming on a heated patio. By this time it was about 10pm. So we met up with two girls from the Creative booth who joined us for the night as well as Lisa’s roommate. We had a lot of fun and they taught me some really cool things. But the coolest thing I learned was that “pregame” in Germany means foreplay, as in sex. So when I said let’s pregame, the girls started laughing I guess and it was uncomfortable for like 2 seconds, but it was all good. Also I learned that when you cheers/toast, when you tap someone else’s bottle, on bottle contact you MUST look the person in the eye. I didn’t do it and everyone was like wtf why arent you looking at me? So they explained those things to me and I wrote it down in my Blackberry so next time I won’t make that mistake!

We made a quick stop at McDonald’s before we finally went to a bar with a downstairs dance floor. We once again sat in VIP because John is a baller and I like to think I’m a rockstar so VIP was the only logical thing to do. John, being John, ordered bottle service at about 200 euros which is about $340 or something around there. So we drank again and again before I finally met with my date for the night – the dance floor yet again. You guys don’t know me know me but whenever I go out, what determines how good the night is whether or not we can dance. I dance a lot and it’s a must whenever I go out. So I did work on the German dance floor and now I don’t even remember how I got back to my hotel…but Lisa, Rony, and another friend I met Jan slept in my room last night because they wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my flight as I have a history of doing so. So they translated the entire way to and from the hotel and checked me out. We said our goodbyes and I was on my way to Tegel Airport.

So now I am on this flight back to New York, but since WCG Nationals are this week, I have to wait at the airport for a little and get driven to another airport right before hopping on my flight to California. I am really really tired and now I have to bring it all together for Nationals. So we will see how it goes. But thanks for taking the time to read another rockstar blog from your boy Eafra. I have some footage from Berlin so keep checking the site for those! Eafra out.

:: Special shoutout to John Wendel (Fatal1ty), Frank Schilde, Rony, Lisa, and Jan. You guys made my trip amazing and I really hope I can come back for Oktoberfest! Cross your fingers because if everything goes to plan, I am coming back!! I love all of you, thanks again! I will talk to you very soon.

:: Also a huge hello to Natalia and Wencke (sorry if I spelled your name wrong). Thanks for partying with us last night. You guys were very cool! Thanks for teaching me about pregaming in Germany!!



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  1. chesshaha's Avatar
    Saw you post this blog in person lol, nice write up!
  2. 1's Avatar
    You're a dancing machine dude. Sounds like a great time, well done!
  3. DigitalRonin's Avatar
    Thanks for representing my man. Glad you had some good times!
  4. coL|aMies's Avatar
    I love this guy.
  5. toddsauce's Avatar
    Wow.. I'm really jealous of you :P