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Something I was Thinking about.

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I understand that people like the fact they can go on a pro website and get tips. Its one of the many things that people like. The thing is that people that are pro such as coL needs to post videos that are a little more in dept. Not like the one clown did , " just drag down the mouse like this. " that is not very helpful. What people need is something that really does help players. Because if I was a pro player I would want as many pro players as we can get for more diverse scrims. Kinda hard to just scrim 3 or 5 teams for practice.

So in all I think the coL players should provide some kind of not "Lessons" but just some facts that people might not know. Such as when u spray with the ak use the top of ur crosshair to aim. I mean we all know that. BUT there are many other tricks as well. Where do we aim for the 3rd shot of the ak or something like that. I understand its mostly just aim for the head and try to 3 click as good as u can or if there close go ahead and spray. BUT a lot of people dont know these things. If coL would do that for us i think it would help a lot of players that dont know. Thanks for the rant i just went on about. Hope to see something done

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  1. [e]clipse's Avatar
    I agree! Just record a demo and explain yourself on webcam as you go and vegas that shit!
  2. Sryinex's Avatar
    I wanna see a dabears nip slip on cam
  3. AlbeL's Avatar
  4. 1's Avatar
    We've always liked ideas like this.. the issue is the limited amount of time our camera crews and management staff spend with the players. Doing things the RIGHT way isn't very easy and requires a time investment during tourneys, etc.
  5. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I am not really talking about right away. And to albel thats not wat im talking about. Im talking about more in dept then that. Also we dont need a pro camera crew we are gamers that want something from a gamer thats it. It dont have to be perfect through a pro camera guy. Just something he shows on the game and talks us through. thats it we see it 1 time then we go on.
  6. Sryinex's Avatar
    I know what he means, volcano did a demo with a voiceover mp3 during the CGS with commentary on the match, the same concept could be easily used to generate lessons. However at this time I think it's best if the players used their time to get back to the way they used to be, then they can worry about stuff like this
  7. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I hope everyone that reads this understands.. that i am not talking about doing this RIGHT AWAY. Because this isn't a priority this is just something i was thinking about. Some sort of IDEA that would help other players out. I am not asking for coL to skip practice and do this. I am asking when they have a hour or so of not practice or anything to do so. Really its up to the players. I would want to so coL be the way they were first before i would want to see them post something like this as well.
  8. [e]clipse's Avatar
    I understand what you are saying and I completely agree! I actually wouldn't mind a player's demo with a voice over explaining what's going on, etc. I am sure the players spend time reviewing demos!