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Thread: Final headset thread! 5H v2 vs HD555

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    Default Final headset thread! 5H v2 vs HD555

    I read some reviews but I want gamers' opinions on this. The price difference is $15 for me and I want something thats
    - durable
    - good for music
    - amazing for CS

    shoot at it!

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    Well, the 5H V2's are nice, comfy for me, but they didn't last very long. Now I can only hear out of one ear. Not going to vote because I have done any research on the other, but at least letting you know how the V2's are. The sound wasn't THAT amazing, but pretty good .

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    Quote Originally Posted by [e]clipse View Post
    - durable
    Well you can rule out the 5H v2. It uses horrible thin strands of wire supported with paper (that's right, paper) which breaks incredibly easily.

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    No mic?

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    i voted hd555 just read some reviews on them

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    i'm using the 5hv2 but the right earphone keeps going out. it's up to you but the hd555 doesn't have a mic

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    5hv2 are bad for music
    get some siberia neckbands, great for music and great for cs AND comfy, and very durable.

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    I use the HD595 (technically identical to the HD555) and they are absolutely amazing and extremely comfy. But you should use a really good sound card, such as a X-Fi, to use the HDs to the full extend. For music they have full bass and a crystal clear sound and you will hear sounds you never notived before with other headphones.
    For CS, prepare to be banned from tons of servers for cheating, because you hear footsteps and other sounds across the map, which often lead to prefire. For someone with poor sound equipment it make the impression of wallhacking, because you hear the enemy so much sooner.

    The 5hv2 comes not even close to the sound quality of the HD555/595. The big weak point of the Sennheiser is, that they are hifi headphones and therefore have no mic, like a real headset.

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    ones a headset and one is not big on using a separate mic or wearing another headset around my neck so id go with a headset

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    Never tired HD555 but I go with 5hv2, best headphones around!! Make sure you buy a sound card so you can take advantage of the 5hv2 headset


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