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Thread: What's your most memorable CS moment?

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    Losing the half 14-1 (it was a 5 v 3 due to internet problems), we came back second half and won 7 rounds in a row, making it 14-8. We lost the 8th round due to some communication problems and the score was now 15-8. We won 5 after this, making the score 15-13.. The next 2 rounds were 2 1 v 4s for me (I was T) and I clutched them both to take us into overtime and win the match. It was on inferno and it was a main match couple seasons ago.. the feeling was just unreal. What made it unreal was the fact that obviously, they tried to gay us by not waiting a few minutes and lo3ing with 3 people.. and #2, both times, the bomb was down mid and I was aps. I didn't plant the bomb either of those 2 rounds!
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    Quote Originally Posted by opti View Post
    I don't even know how to reply to this lol. At least you remember :P
    Yeah lots of guys try to get into womanation... I had a feeling you werent a girl from the beginning so when i saw you posted the hltv I started to watch because I was bored.

    Then you spoke and i was like "caught you!"

    haha :] it was funny though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEELEE View Post
    LAN 1v5 clutch.
    NICE . on lan that makes it even better. your cal-i BRO


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