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Thread: Competition on the ps3?

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    Default Competition on the ps3?

    Does anyone know of any games that are played currently for competition? It seems that Xbox has it all right now and I don't get why. I have not looked very much into this I was just curious and figured I would post it here!

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    I posted this thread a little over a week ago. I'm guessing your silence is the answer lol. I have street fighter 4 for ps3 but to be honest it isn't a lot of a fun online. Unless you play with friends

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    killzone 2?

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    Team Fortress 2 for the PS3 actually has it's own player hosted tournaments that get really big. Pretty much every big clan that is known (or wants to get known) joins the tournament. I play regularly when I can, and competitve games is what I play on there. If anyone has a PS3, add me, iggylow. Demoman and soldier at your service!

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    That is exactly the thing I wanted to hear! I don't have tf2. but that makes me want to play

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    More people have xbox 360

    It has better online play, even though you have to pay

    Has competitive exclusive games (gears,halo)

    I prefer call of duty, rainbow 6, street fighter 4, soul caliber 4 and pretty much every other game on the 360.

    I only use my ps3 for blu ray

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    You have raised my hopes and crushed them back down!

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    All fighting games except VF5 and DOA are played on PS3, unless it's WCG, then they play on Xbox.

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    man I cant stand the ps3 controller. Stupid back buttons are horrible. Go WCG <3

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    if you wanna add me i'm BenoitRAGE I play Guitar hero World Tour + Metallica, Cod5, and little big planet.


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