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Thread: To The Dome Back???

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    For those of you who don't know who To The Dome is they were calp and cal-i back in like s4-9 way way back in the day. So recently i noticed cameron avalanche of the original To The Dome was back on IRC and scrimming around and finding some pugs. When i joined the to the dome channel #teamttd i was suprised to see the topic state big news coming shortly, i pmed cameron and asked if he had the idea to bring back ttd, he stated to me maybe and obvious answer. Yesterday, while i was in there channel many older players came in and tagged up i mean older as not in the older ttd but players who have been out of the spot light for quite some time. They included cozen from colten, henchmen from 50 cal, impz from the original gb, and one to my surprise david funk was opped but not tagged in the channel. Call me quick to jump the gun but at some point all these players played on dominant teams and where great individual players. If this is the new TTD roster this team can become a force with time. I would really like to see how they put up agains some other NA teams in the future with funk and avalanche running and playingg on this team.

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    Good means esports is growing again

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    wow... david funk is coming back thought id never see the.. and even more so cameron(avalanche) wow that could be a dominate roster with good dedication cant wait to see the actuall announce of thier roster


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