You all know what it is, most of you have played it; but beware the PC version.

1) Downloadable content is still not available (supposed to have been and was advertised to have been available at launch)
2) Guitar drivers conflict with several major motherboards
3) Frequent freeze-framing and skipping during songs, even on high-end pc's

Another thing, at least for me, was how buggy the installers were. After having trouble with frames freezing and thus losing songs, I decided to reinstall. The uninstall process went really smooth, but now I can't re-install. The installer acts as if the program is still on my machine, and I've cleared everything off my machine- the registry entries, app data, saved game files. Not a single GH:3 file on my drives, but it won't install. The box is now sitting in my closet because Aspyr refuses to hear me out :P.

The good news: the guitar that comes with it DOES work on 360's.