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Thread: Skinny=pretty?

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    what most people here are neglecting to mention is they dont really have a choice because they haven't picked up a female from 1969

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    since* typo and can't edit

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahT View Post
    I was reading one of my friends comments on her facebook and it just irked me for some reason. It lead me to wondering does being super skinny make you pretty to the male eye? I'd like to know from a guys perspective do you prefer the super skinny model type?
    i like girls to have some meat on them. no fat rolls or anything but i dont like seeing bones

    as other people have said its all up to the individual, there are many different body types and there are many different opinions on what is beautiful.

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    being super skinny...or just skinny sometimes turns me off

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    i dont mind the skinny girls and my gf is athletic so i wouldnt know. But you must be over a 100 pounds to ride this ride no anrexia bullshit. If the ratio fits for like a short girl thats fine but if its like a girl whose 5'8'' and weighs 98 pounds, that kinda turns me off and say "eww"

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    flat chest and no ass leads to sad panda boyfriend

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    Thanks for your input guys.

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    i think girls with a little more meat is better but thats just me

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    What's the saying again? Fat chicks give good head cos they're hungry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannnyd View Post
    hell no lol. i like girls with some meat not thos super skinny girls...
    Yeah skinny girls are nasty IMO, I like girls with a lil meat (NOT FAT) but aren't skinny, and have boobies, that's nice ^_^

    I remember way back women took pills to be skinny, but that made them sick, with like 20ft worms in them (say it on tv the other day) so yeah lol...


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