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Thread: 6/29/2009 - Small NoobFlicks Update Coming

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    Default 6/29/2009 - Small NoobFlicks Update Coming

    Howdy all,

    I have begun work on getting a "Subscribe" feature working where you can subscribe to users videos. So far you are able to subscribe/unsubscribe at will but doing so means nothing as of writing this. Hopefully within the next 30 minutes or so you will see an area on your profile to view who you are subscribed to as well as a list of their videos.

    What this will also do is when that user adds a new video, you will be sent a private message on the site notifying you of the video being added so you can watch it.

    The only downfall here is as some(or most) of you are aware of sending mails does NOT work on NoobFlicks, so being notified of said PM's is a no-go at this time, you will just see that you have messages when you login. Getting a mail server working is constantly being worked on but is more of a hassle than I care to deal with for more than an hour a day :P.

    To begin subscribing you can either view a persons video or goto the users profile and click "Subscribe".

    The reason I posted this message before it was fully implemented was just incase people had seen it but didn't see it doing anything :P.

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    Useful improvement, keep up the good work. And good luck to finally get a mail server.

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    Sounds great. Keep up the good work

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    Please delete my account, thank you

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    wtf rofl


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