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Thread: Spawn the legend reterns!

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    Default Spawn the legend reterns!

    SHOULD BE RETURNS i know i got pumped up and small keyboard lol

    Welcome back SpawN to counterstrike 1.6 who just signed with zowie gear, to work on new mouse pads and new types of mice that he has been thinking about for a LONG TIME. He is going to be working on all products from pads to mice to headsets, The WHOLE story is here. But i wanted everyone to know that a LEGEND is comeing back to CS. Let it be known I have posted this before some of the coL writers Because I am tired of them getting the glory for slacking off... JUST SOME
    This is some of the biggest news in the world....

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    meh spawn is over rated nowadays granted he was it back in the day but not anymore

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    Great player no matter what anyone says. We'll see if he plays on a team though. This might just be for the gear though. He might now play on any big known teams.

    "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
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    We <3 CS!

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    he's the best free agent out there. someone pick him up!!! coL.SpawN

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