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    Hey guys and girls!

    I'm just a normal person who plays counter-strike so I'm not a random jerk who wants to make some kind of advertising. No, I'm here to inform you how to make money online with an online business. It's pretty simple and I'm here to tell you exactley how to do.

    Anyway, just to give you some information about this: I was searching around the internet to find a good way to earn som extra cash but with no success at all. Moste sites I ran into were scam websites wich I found out by googling the name + scam. Anyway, I found a way to earn money just to have your computer running 24/7, but it only gave me around 10$ a month so I continued my searching for a way to earn money. Suddenly I came across this website:

    As you can read, this guy (Tissa) created this search engine which gave him A LOT of money. Now he's letting you start you'r own search engine (no skills are even required) and earn money just by having traffic on it and recruit other people. The thing is, you have to complete three steps to earn som big money.

    First of all - Get your search engine online
    Second - Give it a domain name and web adress
    Third - Advertise. This is what I love about this. Tissa Will advertise your search engine on both Google and Yahoo wich will make your engine have some traffic.

    The trick is to advertise your search engine in a good way to get traffic on it. Anyway, the best thing about this is when you recruit someone, you get A LOT of money. If they follow all three steps you have 30$! For only ONE person! Not only that, you will also get 1$ a month/person you recruit. You will ALSO get money when people YOU have recruited recruit other people, five levels down.

    So, for example: If 10 people refer 5 people, 5 levels down, it will make your monthy income pretty high as you can see on the picture:

    People are always having doubts about this system and all this "making money online" stuff but trust me, it's awesome and problably the best way to earn some extra cash online. Here's also another proof that you actually get money:

    It's basically about having your own business online, and it's pretty simple thanks to this system.

    I hope you will try it out and earn some good cash from it. I will also try to make a video showing you how it works exactly but you can always read, that's how I learned. Just to mention. This system CAN make you rich if you put effort to it, and it can also give you some extra cash to play with.

    Enjoy a better way of making money online

    Get started!


    Many people will always doubt this system so I'll give you some youtube links which will prove this a little bit better for you

    Of you have any questions, just write in the thread or send me a PM

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    hmm ill look into it thx

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    Cool. Just tell me if you have any questions!

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    is it possible to make money without making a domain? (paying $10 for the domain)

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    screw this, go pro with online poker = way more money

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    Quote Originally Posted by jampack714 View Post
    screw this, go pro with online poker = way more money
    can't in the u.s.!


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