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    Seriously needs to pick up a halo 3 mlg team. what do yo all think personally i believe it would get the name out there to all the console and xbox360 fans. also winning some tournaments on the mlg serious would be great. Yes i am a fan of mlg/halo.

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    I presume they have considered it at one point? Well, now they have I believe two Halo games in mind... ODST (or in the future) and Halo 3?
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    odst isnt multilayer odst comes with a halo 3 multiplayer disk that had 3 new maps on it.

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    Well they would have to get a top team which could be hard seeing all top MLG teams are usually already set with sponsors and contracts and Idk if coL could just buy players/teams like they once could, then send them places as well.

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    Trigger's Down is already sponsored along with the other top teams even worth sponsoring.

    Also with the way contracts are done in MLG, it allows both the overall team and individual players to get sponsored.

    If anything it is probably better to sponsor a individual player, course the obvious choice being Walshy, but then again most players already sponsored directly by companies probably won't be interested in team sponsorships.

    Only problem with sponsoring tier 2 teams is that sure they might make top 20 all the time, but they will not make any money. Complexity would have to convince sponsors that top 20 exposure is good enough advertising to warrant a Halo 3/Console Team.

    Is probably best to get a team for Modern Warefare 2, so long as the game does not tank, seeing as how Infinity Ward made a big effort it making the title e-sports savvy.


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