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    After numerous hours of game play I noticed that no matter if a player chooses to use the weapon on the left or right hand side the weapon still appears to be on the right hand side for the enemy. As such, when shooting the head tilts to the right in the direction of the weapon, as well as the head hit boxes. This small topic is over looked in cs and here’s how you can use it to your advantage:

    Peeking corners:
    When peeking corners using the right hand shoulder the head sticks out no matter what you do as depicted here:

    While when peeking corners using the left hand shoulder the head is actually hidden, and even more when shooting:

    The enemy can still shoot your head by walling but the rule of thumb is that when walling you’re only doing half the damage as of not walling (eg: 1 shot does 30 dmg but when walling it does 15 dmg). Hence if he still managed to wall your head, you have a better probability of killing him and surviving.

    Hideing / Peeking
    As weird as cs is build the right shoulder actually sticks out more than the left shoulder. Take for example you are hiding in a corner, if the enemy is walking up he can see you before you see him (this gives him the advantage).

    Similarly, if you are hiding and your left shoulder sticks out then you can see him before he sees you.

    Overcoming the right shoulder peek
    When going in general areas and peeking corners you should peek it from the farthest wall. For our scenarios we were looking at cat so ill depict this using the same principle.

    This will give you the advantage such that both of you see each other at the same time, and if you play smart enough you can prefire that general area where his head might be and get him before he gets you.

    If you play smart enough, and know what angle to peek keeping in mind the right shoulder sticks out you can use this to your advantage for peeking corners or even hiding in certain areas. Lastly, you want to crouch peek right corners. Since again the models are a little different it will hide your body and give you the advantage.

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