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Thread: Gravel Pit Strats/Tips?

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    Hey guys, I have a question regarding attacking A.

    Numerous teams I have played for like to keep the medic in base as scouts attack A whilst heavies attack B hoping to destroy the sentry and get some picks. Once A is capped and heavies have respawned then everyone goes for B. I dislike this strat because if A is guarded then it will take scouts longer to cap and the heavies attacking B rarely ever destroy the sentry or get vital picks. I have always been of the impression that the whole team should attack A first then move on through C to attack B and the sentry, or push through tunnel into B. What are your opinions on these strats, specifically the first? Is it one you employ and if so can you share some ideas on how to employ it effectively?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    attacking 2 points at the same time is almost always a waste of time, which is what really matters in gpit. attacking one point from 2-3 directions at a time is pretty solid. IMO don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Most teams give you A for free just take it and then focus on B.

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    Even in the event you end up capping both at the same time it is because you got very lucky and shouldn't expect those kinds of results.

    The only thing we do, sometimes, in terms of attacking two points is that after were half capped A we might start moving towards C/B, ya know, "initiate the push"

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    Thanks for your replies but if I may to probe some more...

    Usually the strategy we make when pushing into B is based on our opponents defense and how best to eliminate the sentry and pressuring their medic into popping first.

    In what ways do you determine your push into B? Is it pre-determined or is there a quick recon. From the demos I've seen of you guys on gpit (admittedly very few) I have seen a straight push through C then into B. Unless I'm missing something blatantly obvious, I'm curious about the factors that determine you first push into B?

    Our team had a match on gpit this week and we had great troubles in breaking down our opponents defence on B. If your initial push failed for whatever reason, what mindset do you take into your second attempt? Understandably it is situational, but say you have taken down their medic but lost your own, do you utilise your faster respawn time to make an immediate second attempt? What if both teams lost their meds and you managed to destroy their sentry but not their engy, then does it become wiser to grind an uber, whilst other classes suicide hoping to get picks then push again with a full team (with the benefit of faster respawn)?

    Once more any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    So there are lots of things to consider. We general favor pushing A->C->B because of the current meta game but this isn't always the case. We have in several matches gone A->B connector or A->spawn via the trick jump->Long B.

    It's really mostly a minimax game. If they have taken a big loss on the A push like a demoman down we can push through C destroy any teleporters and prevent him from getting back into the B site. If you are perfectly equal and have no knowledge of their defenses then pushing through C is the safest blind option, as it's fast there is some health pills to work off, your medic doesn't have to commit like he does when you drop out of long or short B, you have high ground position, and you can sneak one or 2 guys through spawn and out of long and set up crossfires. If there is a strong static defense on the A->C->B route like a sentry gun in C or a sniper in red spawn without a teleporter, a demo pushed too far forward in C, or maybe even a heavy pushed up near C-B then we'll rotate.

    If you're going to grind uber you can run suicides after a fail push because of your spawn advantage but don't do it at the expense of uber grinding and make sure you run them quickly enough that you don't slow your push. Try to make the suicides meaningful, if you suicide while your medic is dead and trade with an enemy soldier he is going to be respawned and back in position before your push unless your team spawn camps him. Same thing with an early kill on a sentry gun.

    Learning when and how to push without uber is hard part of gpit offense.
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    Thanks Jaeger for all your help, really appreciated


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