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Thread: scout tips

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    ah its abit hard to find becuase i see lots of CS/other games in the 'Files' and when i search for 'Team Fortress 2' it didn't give me anything... (also with TF2 and 'coL Demos' catagory)

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    You can get a ton of demos here:

    Including all of coL's matches from ESEA thus far, plus all the other teams. Just click on a date from the calendar, and if there's a demo, it'll say it's available. That's just showing Invite level teams, but they also have all the other divisions available. Great resource for getting a ton of helpful demos from a variety of teams. Hope that helps!

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    It really depends on how good you are at aiming and dodging. If you're good at both, you can play a bit forward, but if you aren't at a high level yet, I would stay with the demo or one of the soldiers.

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    I started practicing on Scout in DMs, and I noticed that my aim is a lot worse than other scouts, for example I would hit someone for about 40 damage while they hit me for 70+ at the same range. So is it better to "track" the other player with your crosshair, or have your crosshair stay relatively the same place and wait for a target to come across it?

    Also, are DMs the best way to get better? Or are there some better training servers for Scouts?

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    Scattergun/shotgun aim is mostly prediction IMO. So I guess the answer is neither. Just aim where you expect them to be the moment you're able to fire your next shot, use strafe, move forward, move back, jump, duck, and mouse to help you do this.

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    following up on my last question, when I play I usually try to shoot whenever I have a chance, which results in some pretty weak shots that does 20-40 damage. That is a bad habit right? I should be trying to get in as close as possible before I shoot in order to maximize the damage I do, right?

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    well, think about it from their perspective, would they rather know where you are constantly or know where you are when you lay the 100 dmg shot

    all of these questions, all of these situations, put yourself in their shoes and think about what they dont want

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    you could've just said yes xD

    But seriously, thanks a lot, I've been wondering about these kind of questions for a while now, but I'm not pro so I don't know whether my judgement are correct or just fanciful thinking. Thanks for confirming, I don't know if it's just psychology of receiving validation , but I feel a lot more reassured now.

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    I think it's pretty obvious that 80-105 damage shots are better than 20-40 damage shots but that the focus there is too narrow.

    Take situation A)

    You are an unseen scout moving through the valley on badlands on mid up to your the closet. A single soldier from your team jumps to their train after a full buff, doing a high rocket jump and dealing some damage.
    In this situation you are the main damage dealer, you want to leave all of the enemy focus on the jumping soldier (because hitting rocket jumping soldiers is hard and any shot aimed into the sky is damage not being done to the rest of your team). You get behind conserving your 6 shots until you get in meatshot range and let loose.

    Situation B)

    You are a scout on badlands mid going to your train, initially you are going to defend your demoman from their scouts this mean you are spamming a few mid/long range scatters until the rest of your team arrives, you don't want to wait for the meatshot on their scouts because their scouts would be doing free damage to your demo during that time and you would have to overextend to engage them. Now your team finally arrives and both of your soldiers jump and your demo pushes forward. In this situation your team is trying to burst down the enemy team, so it's about putting a lot of damage into the enemy team in a very short window of time. Thus you need to start adding your damage in as fast as possible because 20-40 damage shots combined with rockets stickies and nades add up quite quickly.

    Not everything is big coordinated efforts though and so as a general tactic I try to get as close as I can before giving away my position while maintaining an escape route and then begin to fire. Once I get to the limit or get caught I start firing and decide quickly if I should stay engaged for the kill or bug out.

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    So i guess the most important thing to scouts in terms of aiming is the prediction of their enemies movements?


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