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Thread: Halo Reach "Arena" system

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    Please do not use this as an opinion thread about Halo, I hate the game but the dev team is one of my favorite. They try hard.

    *Start watching from about 5:30 to hear about the Arena / Divisions.*

    So, whether you like halo series or not there is a new game coming out and it has some interesting features that seem to show me that Bungie does have a better grasp of eSports outside of MLG 12 year olds. These new arenas implement bits of World of Warcraft Arena (seasons, ladders, ratings etc) as well as attempt to create "divisions," sort of like open,main, invite (albeit not nearly as well partitioned or regulated, but still). It makes me happy to see games making a large effort to accomodate the competitive scene (kinda like the TF2 Dev team now) and I hope we can see more of this in the industry.

    The matcmaking system in this game has become so complex with the last two releases that I think it could possibly hinder gameplay but non-dedicated hosting technology will always be sub-optimal anyways.
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    Well il be honest, Halo is one of my favorite games. Strictly because of the story. Not that it isnt fun to BS with some buddies on a friday night lol.. I totally agree with you. I think its great that people are really starting to realize the potential and the popularity of organized competitive gaming.

    And i know im biased but i love the fact that more people still play Counter-Strike 1.6 than MW1-2, and Halo combined lulz.

    We <3 CS!

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    wow I just realized that entire paragraph was engrish, revising.

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    halo reach seems to yet be on a diff lvl from the others...however when it is coming to online mw2 or bf2 is going to keep pushing strong :/

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    Well, COD and GoW just don't compete with Halo on a competitive level in my opinion. I complain a lot about Bungie as well, but its still the only game I play with any level of seriousness. Bungie has been great at responding to the communities inside the game, but it is odd they haven't incorporated MLG variants into a ranked playlist if they really want the ranking system to be more meaningful. And why did they remove 2v2 Arena? Now there is only one ranked playlist! WTF is that?

    I don't have the aversion to the bloom that many people do either, but I still don't get why they wouldn't/can't just add a few weapons without it for Forge World. It really shouldn't be too hard, there must be a lot of people on carping about it all the time. If they could just add a BR, Carbine, and maybe something else with low auto-aim that would be huge for the community, and it doesnt' seem like it should be that hard.


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