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Thread: Best soccer commericial ever!

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    Default Best soccer commericial ever!

    Who wants to disagree?

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    You would have to be completely insane to disagree. Clicking on your link was the 6th time I watched that commercial and I get amped every single time. Where was Messi though? And Ronaldinho is amazing, but he's not even in the World Cup squad.

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    disagree. shouldnt have people in the commercial for the world cup, that ARENT playing on their team and WERENT playing for qualifications of the world cup.... but i guess sometimes wat makes a good commercial isnt wat the reality of wat they are representing

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    everytime i watch this i gotta go play soccer! ivory coast and brazil making out of their group!

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    I agree! Join my Facebook World Cup Pool at!/group.php...0304903&ref=ts or if you don't use Facebook, join here:

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    @Leprechaun I agree with you but that doesn't take away from the concept of the commercial. Still a goodie!

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    funny to Italy/Ivory Coast out at Group Stage...C.Ronaldo not doing anything vs Spain (seeing as he dominates the Spanish league)...England having amazing individual play but horrendous team chemistry and losing to Germany...and Brazil! with this line-up it seems they depend more of team-play rather than individual skill (as in previous years) which might bring them the world cup. thats my analysis so far

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    Of course it is. No doubt about that. It is one my favorite commercial too.


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