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    Ey Twixz

    iam running a beastcleave myself for 1 season were on Misery Eu's best beastcleave. but anyway

    1: I always have problems with disengage properly. u jump sidewise sometimes. somehow i cant manage to figure that out, Got a tip for that?

    2: Atm im wearing 990 Resi to wear some more pve parts for some extra burst vs plate classes. but not sure if it is the right thing to do. Why do you wear full pvp gear? arent u lacking much pressure then or? ( our healer is sick tho he can easly outheal it 80% of the times )

    3: When i was watching the MLG few days ago i saw you never used freezing trap on the healer ( could have missed that. )
    When we meet ele frostmage disc priest for example i always los them hard . and put freezing trap on priest to get a kill off. ( 2700 rated team players ) U never do that or?

    4: is 2x one handed better? i know the 2 handed is alot better stat wise.

    5: What do u guys do vs teams that turtle around pillars 99% of the time? as soon i shoot a arrow on one of them its behind a pillar... its getting pretty bored to meet those teams.

    6: my final question wtb match vs u guys! j/k we beated all Bcleave teams on this battlegroup tho pretty easy :P. but that isnt my question... How come vs shadowpriest ele + druid if im correct( dindt knew what it was ) how come u dindt went for the shadowpriest? force him to play defensive?

    Thanks in advance Droozemode Kazzak Eu. Misery

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    1. You always disengage backwards so which ever way your character is facing you will be going the opposite way, i dunno i guess just play around with it till you feel comfortable would be best.

    2. On live PvE gear can be really good with the il277 stuff (i dont play live much), but on TR gear its all the same ilvl or pve gear will sometimes be lower ilvl. So by wearing it you are pretty much trading stam and resil for some ap and sometimes crit/arp. But since the ilvl is the same its really just a trade off, and we feel its better just to try and negate swaps then run around in low resil and risk the chance of getting gibed.

    3. Ya we do that all the time espicially against pally/shaman teams. We did it a few times vs with HoJ > Trap, but most of the time Flexx was having to frost shock to stay on targets so there wasn't many chances to freezing trap. We also played vs teams where freezing trap would just dr hex if used to early and alot of druid teams. I guess the answer is yes we do it, but not vs every setup.

    4. The stat wise is alot of preference with wodins and 1h's you can get just enough hit and alot of extra crit, whereas with 2h you can get some extra AP but get to much hit and lose out on some crit.

    5. Pretty much just go in with cd's up (wolves,lust,bm). They will have to blow cd's then if they don't want to come out let them sit back there until 2nd wolves and go in and get a kill.

    6. We do go for shadowpriest (and did), but the pressure just wasnt enough with fear, clone, root, root, pushback, hex, and 3 healers. All it takes is 1 clone for us to die and we have very little to no cc out on them cause they have a dispel and decurse.

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    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Keep it up tho :P Next tournament will go better.


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