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Thread: Beastcleave Question, how to beat Prot pally Arms Warrior Resto Druid

  1. Default Beastcleave Question, how to beat Prot pally Arms Warrior Resto Druid

    Hi, the team in the name is really giving us pain, we have a 70%+ win/loss ration at 2400 and should be going higher but we lose like 16 to this team all the time, weve tried atking warrior and atking druid even switching with HoJ on druid but they have just retarded damage if we cant peel. Hoping for a Col.Black answer thanks!

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    The comp you mentioned is pretty much a counter comp as hex is useless. Open on prot with lust+wolves save all big bm cds for a hard swap to the warrior in attempt to global him with no hots/a hoj on druid if ur sham has maelstrom proc try to time it so the paladin can't get bhop off. You could also try a hard swap to Druid and a hex, if the Druids getting focused there's a good chance it won't get decursed.

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    thought he was hoping for a coL. Black answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by snutz View Post
    thought he was hoping for a coL. Black answer
    Asn Harry potter what? These questions are repetitive and they've been asked before and answered by twix. Incase your epeon ego hasnt noticed all my knowledge about bc came straight from twix. I'm just giving them a hand, as they aren't 12 like you have rl things to do and prep for regionals. Not every1 can play wow all day like u

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    not everyone can troll col forums all day and pretend to be experts , luckily there are a few who can.

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    How am I pretending to be an expert? Lol do u see me at mlg? Personally pro gaming isn't an interest making a few dollars here and there or get real income all the time. I'm not on a pro level and I'll admit that anyday, I don't see 2700 on bg9 as bad and could probably go to 28 if I still played. I asked these questions and I learned and now I can answer them back, people think it's just run in pewpew, but when u play vs mlg players or fellow bg9ers it's not. It sounded like snutz was saying I'm not good enough to answer this guys question and I told him how it is. Anyone is good when they play with sodah and venruki, personally uck>snutz as destro anyday. Put him with sodah and ven and spellcleave is made.

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    As some people have said and other know, this is a pretty tough matchup to run into as beastcleave. With that said you can still win if a few things go your way, or if you have the right gear setup. Without alot of PvE gear going Protpally is useless, he won't die (if you have pve gear id still leave him alone as he would take the least amount of dmg on the team that is unless he is in pve gear lol). Anyways what you are looking for is a swap to either druid or warrior that has no hots up. Eventually if you can set this up and use cd's on the swap they will then have to blow cd's to live. When everything lines up you will get a swap to one of them and they won't have the defensive cd's left to live this will be your kill opportunity and probably the only one you will get all game ( so make sure you get it). I know this is kinda long and drawn out so ill list the main points now:

    1. Start on warrior or druid who ever has no hots
    2. Stay on the target unitl a defensive cd is used
    3. Swap off to the other target (unless you can get a kill on the initial target)
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get a kill opportunity

    There are also other threads as Naturphoenix has said on these forums with similar problems, you can check those for other ideas. Most importantly keep trying new strats and different styles until you get one that fits your team vs this matchup.

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    they've tried spellcleave with uck - failed

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    I never mentioned whether or not you were good enough to answer his question, he clearly stated that he was hoping for a coL Black response not Naturphoenix.

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    Sorry dude but I watched u play destro at mlg and coil a rogues cloak, can't say I've ever seen uck do something as stupid as that. You play affliction well, but not destro and uck comes out ontop.


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