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Thread: tf2 footsteps

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    hi can someone post loud tf2 footsteps so i can hear them better arround the corners

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    plz can someone upload some footsteps

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    I'm not sure what you're asking for.. custom sounds? sv_pure prevents us from using them in competitive play so I don't know anything about it

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    haha wtf, footsteps

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    As we are on the topic, I wonder in what situations (if any) one should pay attention to footsteps. They are too silent to stay focused on them anyway, don't matter so much as in CS.

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    there are moments during a match where footsteps just really do not matter, i.e. when spam is all around you, when people are screaming medic, but if it is a time in the game where no one really needs to make a call, footsteps are essential. If you play a scrim or match with mumble muted you will notice how much better you play and are involved the game and footsteps.

    Here is one example: coL destroys a team at middle in badlands, and carnage is pushes up while six are down, instead of going to spire, he goes into their battlements, tells everyone to shutup on mumble, hears footsteps and goes around the corner popping both scouts in the face with 4 shots.

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    I listen for footsteps when I am camping waiting to get a pick on someone walking by, or when I suspect there is a spy around.

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    i search something like this where the footsteps are really loud

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    lol, that is just the fact hes alone on a server, and has his sound turned way up

    try this though:

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    thers no downloadlink


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