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    I have been thinking about getting into competitive fifa, and I had some questions.

    is there a "competitive FIFA" forum, in the sense of a central hub for players?

    what is the main platform for FIFA? PC, 360 or PS3

    what was the interactive FIFA world cup, was it for ps3 only and was it the biggest event for fifa.

    is there a set rules system (time of game, etc.) that is standard (I'd really like a link to these if possible)

    any good beginner tournaments to join (PC or 360)

    thanks a ton!

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    Yes there is a competitive FIFA forum depending on the platform. Find me on #complexity and we can discuss that.

    FIWC, or the FIFA Interactive World Cup is FIFA's most prestigious tournament on console. It often switches (if I'm not mistaken) between PS3/360, but this past year it was on PS3.

    The top FIFA PC league is ESL. There is a program/patcher called "ESL Online Patcher" version 0.35 by Lupus which patches your game automatically to the settings that have to be used for competitive play.

    And finally if you want to get going, get the patcher from ESL, connect to Quakenet on IRC, join #esl.fifa, and start looking for friendlies.

    You can find me, coL|eafra, coL|Barmoa, or coL|Wizakor on IRC if you have any other questions.

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    yeah I have always wondered how to play competitive Fifa and always wanted to play it =D

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    I like to play games of FIFA launched by the EA games. Recently, I have played the FIFA 2010 game and I like it a lot.


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