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Thread: Chicago FFA CSDM - Frag Shack

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    Frag Shack was originally created in early 2010. Frag Shack is a pub community that is working its way to the top of pub communities. Frag Shack is mainly based off the game Counter-strike 1.6; and will only support 1.6 for a while. Frag Shack currently has 2 servers, one being a CSDM server; and the other being a Hide 'n Seek server.

    Frag Shack is now looking for pubbers that will actively play in our servers and support us through out our journey.

    If you are interested in being an admin, play a lot in our servers, be mature, be likeable, etc; and you will be noticed.

    Feel free to support us by playing in our servers, joining our steam group, or viewing our website! (website isn't fully made yet, being made though)

    HnS(semi inactive):

    If you have any questions, feedback, or advice feel free to PM me or post here!

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    great server

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    Is there a reason this directs me to a soccerjam sever and not your CSDM?


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